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The Goddess Columbia

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posted on Jun, 9 2004 @ 03:40 PM
Found an article on lady liberty, and her origins and sybolism.
Quite an "illuminating" read. Could the downing of the shuttle
Columbia have been a black magic ritual to abort the awakening
of the Goddess Columbia?

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posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 01:15 PM
I have some dope info I could drop about Columbia.

Now if I can only find it.....

posted on Jun, 12 2004 @ 01:35 PM
The following was mainly about Colin Powell; but the author posted some nice info about Columbia which is in bold.

Also; some articles in reference to to the Columbia/dove/hawk relationship:

"Powel is a house n**ger because he helps the current owners of the house(government) keep control over the n**gers in the field(society), to his own benefit, and to our chagrin. This is a parasitic relationship, and it is also a method of psychological coercian aimed at the darker people. We are supposed to believe that we have an equal place in this society, and the opportunity to live well here. This is the bait. This is the prize that the devil tries to sell us in hopes that we will give him our lives, the fruits of our efforts, love, and power. The dream he offers us is not reality, but actually a one way ticket to the destruction of your true self, mentally and physically.

powel follows the order he is given. He is a deception, he is the DOVE of the adminstration. The dove is a powerful symbol which signifies not peace, but outward appearance of illusion. The Dove is a symbol of a two-fold nature, and the presentation of a pleasent appearance on the outside, yet the true reality in opposition to the appearance on the inside. Powel was never a Peace Lover, he is a soldier, he kills people, and well, or else he wouldnt hold the position he does. He is a tool used to decieve the masses en force. He does a good job at it, most black folk do. The DOVE turn into a HAWK days after the Sacrifice of the US DOVE, COLUMBIA. Death is symbollic of Changeover or transformation, and the DOVE being an apparent symbol of peace, in reality, in its sacrifice, is a symbol of WAR, and DESTRUCTION. COLUMBIA, is derived from Columb which means DOVE. Columbia is also the name of the woman atop all the capital buildings, and in the New York harbor. Columbia is the mother goddes and an apparent goddess of peace, but in reality COLUMBIA, as the Consort of "uncle sam" in the US, is a masonic symbol, and parrelles Aestoreth and Ishtar in the east, who are actually later representations of the Goddes KALI, the consort of SHIVA. KALI is the Mother Goddes, and the blood thirsty GODDES OF WAR and DESTRUCTION. The sacrifice(transformation) of COLUMBIA is a symbollic message that the US(columbia) the so called "Mother" of Peace, and Love, is about to transform its appearance to its true form, KALI The bloodthirsty Mother GODDESS of WAR and DESTRUCTION.
Just days after the sacrifice(transformation) of COLUMBIA(KALI), mr. COLIN powel, also transformed, from a DOVE of PEACE, to a HAWK of WAR, following suit with the symbollic drama presented before our eyes as reality.

Look up the origin of the name COLIN and you will find it means a White Bird, and shares the same root as the word COLUMB which means white dove, or dove

Also notice how Colin was always referred to as the DOVE od Peace, but is now called a HAWK of WAR.

I will post articles.

They are following a script written long, long ago..."

["He implored. He threatened. A final transformation from dove to hawk"

"Gary Younge at the UN
Thursday February 6, 2003
The Guardian

As he jabbed and slapped the table, pointed into the middle distance and said "Enough, enough", the transformation of Colin Powell in the eyes of the international community appeared complete. The man on whom so many European hopes of reining in the excesses of George Bush's administration were pinned had apparently changed sides.

His presentation to the UN security council was impressive in its delivery. He barraged the members with questions: "Who took the hard drives? Where did they go? What's being hidden? Why?" Yet he offered few answers and much speculation.

His voice was clear, his tone abrupt, his manner wavered between imploring and threatening. Time and again he assured his audience - an increasingly sceptical American public as much as his security council colleagues - that he was showing them "not assertions but facts" and "evidence not conjecture".....

.....Powell was furious. He described the French position as "unfortunate" in public, but in private he was angry......

....There are those who believe that Powell has changed, only the perception of him has been corrected. The Powell doctrine has always been that the US should only use force as a last resort to protect America's vital interests, but that once force has been authorised it should be applied overwhelmingly and decisively.

"It is vexing that the argument is cast as hawks and doves - or in Nike language 'Just do it' against 'Just don't don't do it'." said one of his aides recently. "The Powell solution is 'Just do it right'."

But as his security council colleagues offered their sceptical responses yesterday it seemed that Powell had now adopted the Bush doctrine: "Just do it anyway." "]

["Beware of a hawk in dove's clothing

By Sharon Smith | August 30, 2002 | Page 7

AS THE debate over invading Iraq continues, Secretary of State Colin Powell appears to be a voice of sanity--urging caution while George W. Bush races to start another war.

To be sure, Powell’s calm and patient demeanor stands in sharp contrast to the hyperventilating hawks dominating the Bush administration. Prior to the start of the war against Afghanistan last fall, Powell was even dubbed a "dove" by the mass media for his insistence on building international support for the war before the U.S. started bombing.

But Colin Powell is as bloodthirsty as the rest of the warmongers in the Bush administration. In fact, the key element of the "Powell Doctrine" is the use of overwhelming U.S. military force, with no regard for civilian casualties on the other side.

Powell’s own murderous record speaks for itself. As he rose up the military ladder during the Vietnam War, he burned Vietnamese villagers from their homes and then helped to cover up the widespread killing and torture of Vietnamese civilians by U.S. soldiers.

In 1968, a soldier named Tom Glen wrote a letter documenting this pattern of abuse by entire units of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade (also known as the "Butcher’s Brigade"). Earlier that year, U.S. soldiers had raped, tortured and then slaughtered 347 old men, women and children at the village of My Lai. The unit that carried out the My Lai massacre was part of the 11th Brigade, although Glen did not specifically discuss the incident.

Major Colin Powell, who investigated Glen’s letter from the American headquarters at Chu Lai, never even contacted Glen before dismissing his claims. "In direct refutation of [Glen’s] portrayal is the fact that relations between American soldiers and the Vietnamese people are excellent," Powell wrote. The Vietnam War, all told, killed seven million civilians."]


["Dove shows his claws:
World discovers Colin Powell is a formidable force
By Clement Mesenas

The Bush administration’s use of its most reluctant warrior to argue a case at the United Nations for war against Iraq appears to be a gambit that is paying dividends.

Even US Senators who had voted against granting President George W Bush the authority to use military action against Iraq have muted their stance, following Secretary of State Colin Powell’s dramatic presentation."]

"There are too many DOVE TRANSFORMING to HAWK references to list here.

Just do a GOOGLE search on "COLIN DOVE HAWK" to see for yourself."

"It seems a dove always flies over water casting a REFLECTION or FALSE IMAGE on the water, for if a hawk attacks, The hawk will attack the REFLECTION or the FALSE IMAGE instead of the actual DOVE. This charectoristic is the origin of its use as a symbol of deception and peaceful outward appearance.

The sacrifice(Death=transformation/change) of DOVE is a symbollic means to say that one is going from his outward appearance of peace into an outward appearance of War. The sacrifice of shuttle COLUMBIA appears to be a coded message broadcasting Bush's certain intent of going to war. When the Columbia/Dove died/transformed, it meant that peace was not an option. Days later Colin/DOVE also stated at the UN that Peace was not an option. being that the Global Elite had sacrificed their DOVE, War was imminent, despite all the theatrics.

The Dove
It is this dove symbolism which gives us the fictitious name of Christopher Columbus who in fact used to sign his name Colon. The name Columbus was invented as yet more Brotherhood symbolism. The Romans used to worship a deity they called Venus Columba, Venus the Dove. Venus and dove are associated with Queen Semiramis in Babylon. The word dove in French today is still Colombre. Columba is also an 'Aphrodite' goddess which symbolises the negative, death and destruction, aspects of the female energy.



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