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Tell me when

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posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 02:15 PM
Tell me please when ( exact date ) you think one day you have lived a surreal/abnormal/amazing experience with sinchronicities, deja vu and dreams in your personal life...

I'm doing a experiment...

You should also tell me if you experienced those things around April 17 2008, October 6 2009, March 18 2010 because I did.

I know that for time shift theorists July 8 2008 was a important date when most people noticed the change of timelines...

I will try to set a sort of timewave timeline...

I already tried to replace famous date November 14 2010 of extreme novelty and October 21 2010 ( point of noticing change before November ) and I got:

11/10/2011 and 4/22/2012 as the end dates...

If we put those dates instead of October 21 2010 we get:

October 30 and November 2 extremely novel...? I don't think so.
And April 11 2010 and April 14 2010 extremely novel...Here we are much more near...Poland event and Alaska volcano eruption...

If we put instead July 8 2008 we get first week of August 2008 very novel...No...
April 17 2008...May 11 2008 and May 14 2008 very novel...Don't think so...

July 8 2008 and April 17 2008...

If those dates would replace November 14 2010 they would make END DATES to be or August 12 2010 or May 22 2010...!!!

Its a experiment, I also want to see if we can keep similar dates...

Updates coming soon, I will try to replace those dates on timewave and check if something novel was happening when I will replace them on points October 6 2008, February 7 2009, April 22 2009, June 25 2009, July 22 2009, August 24 2009, October 26 2009 and 2010 dates.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 02:28 PM
reply to post by Zagari

How are you connecting personal stories of synchronicities with novelty?

Also, if you change the dates enough, eventually you will happen upon a set of dates that actually correspond to interesting events. I say "interesting" and not "novel" because I have yet to hear a satisfactory definition of novelty as it is "measured" by timewave. My hope is that after shuffling the dates around until you get a satisfactory set, you see that you've just used trial and error until you found what you wanted, and don't become convinced that you're dealing with any real predictive method.

posted on Apr, 16 2010 @ 03:49 PM

tried to replace on Timewave Zero the date October 21 2010 ( precursor and indicator of famous extreme novel date November 14 2010 ) with Korean ship sinking on March 25-26 2010 and after 24-27 days there might be a huge event...

With this correlation Timewave point of May 6 2010 where timewave graph rises is October 11 2009...

March 25 2010 is September 17-24 2009 period

February 27 2010 point is August 17-24 2009 period

what's 46 days before August 17-24 2009???

'cos its January 12 2010 point...

JULY 2-9 2009...Michael Jackson

December 28 2009 was very very novel on ONE graph of Timewave ...This is June 25 2009 MJ death point with this correlation GUYS!!!

And October 26 2009?

APRIL 22-24 2009

I try to say April 18-19 time 6-7 pm...

Let's see

TAKE IT WITH A GRAIN OF SALT but next week we might experience the level of Novelty of November 2010


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