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Element: Fire

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posted on Apr, 9 2010 @ 11:32 AM
The time has come, my friend.

Can you not see?
For the gun has been shot, by he.

It is unfortunate, very sad.
Why! Why? Why?!
Wanting back everything I had.

Wishing, hoping, wanting, desires.
The strike of the match, the great fire.
I can not help but weep.
For it is no more, my fellow peep.

There is nothing we can do.
No one can help, only you.
But this begs the question, who?
Ah! The great one, born new.
The great self, in all drops of dew.

The fire grows dim, begging for light.
Can you not see, it's all in plain sight?
For nothing is wrong and nothing is right.
Like the shining sun, you too are bright.
Wake Up, Wake Up! Feel your might!
Fuel the fire every day and night!!


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