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UFO crash on svalbard in 1952?

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posted on Mar, 5 2010 @ 07:40 PM
I just came over an article on about a crash on svalbard in 1952, and havent heard about the case before, can anyone here shed some light on it?
It mentions something about a V7 rocket, wich supposedly looks like a saucer.

Translated with google:

almost 40 years now pending various rumors that a "flying saucer" to have crashed on Svalbard. The story is that it was taken to Narvik - and then to the United States - for investigation. This investigation should have brought to light that the "saucer" was built by an unknown metal alloy and that it was non-earthly origin.
What was it actually happened on this desolate archipelago for nearly 40 years ago?
To begin the special booklet from 1991, which deals with the development of the story of the flying saucer which allegedly crashed on Svalbard in 1952. The undersigned gathered together as many references and sources as possible in the course of a couple or three years and then present the result in this booklet. The story starts as a news article in the newspaper Saarbrücker Zeitung in Germany in the summer of 1952, for since, in 1954 to be confused with another similar story, and split into three different varieties! Inviklet in other words.
Original article sounded as follows:

Saarbrücker Zeitung for 28 June 1952:

Flying saucer landed on Spitzbergen
The mystery finally solved? - "Silver Shiny discus with plexiglass dome, and 46 nozzles in the fringe" - of Soviet origin?

Narvik, mid-June.
Norwegian fighter jets had just begun its annual summer maneuvers of Spitsbergen. A group of six aircraft approached Nordaustlandet with top speed, where units of the supposed enemy was reported. No sooner had the aircraft passed Hinlopen Strait, before the disturbances and cracks could be heard in all the headphones and radio receivers. Although the inter-radio contact was impossible.
All means of communication in the jets appeared to have been put out of action. Radar Marked as during the entire trip from Narvik had shown "white", was now suddenly on the "red". That meant the alarm and that something metallic body, with a bearing rate that is not responded to jetjagernes, was about to approach.
Using various tactics did the experienced pilots their mutual situation understandable to each other, and each of them scanned the horizon with intense attention. The six jetjagerne circled around for a while, and nothing unusual was discovered. Randomly oriented flykaptein Olaf Larsen gaze down, then he put his plane into a dive, followed by their comrades. On the snow hill, where the surface glitter of ice crystals, was a strong metallic shiny, circular disk with a diameter of between 40 and 50 meters.
Between any wire and avstivningsverk in miden, stood the remains of an apparently damaged leads dome up. During the 60 minutes jetjagerne circled over the object, you could not see any signs of life. One could not find any explanation on the vessel's origin and nature. Finally, they set course for Narvik, to report their remarkable discoveries.
Already a few hours after starting five large flying boats, equipped with skiunderstell, and landed next to the bluish steel disc that was buried for more than a meter of snow and ice. "Without a doubt one of the infamous flying saucers," said the Norwegian rocket expert Dr. Norsel, who undertook to join flybåtene. He stated also why all radio communications between jetjagerne had been canceled when it came within a certain distance from the landing site, and the radar system had turned the alarm: A sighting device with a plutonium core was undamaged, and sent out a bearing tone at 934 Hertz for all channels - a form of radio communications which is unknown in any country on earth. A thorough investigation of the radio-controlled flying disc that had landed on Nordaustlandet, Spitsbergen due. errors in the receiver, gave the following secure evidence:

The round fuselage, which was conical facing pages, was 48.88 meters in diameter and unmanned.
The shiny silver, discus-shaped and circular steel hull, consisting of an unknown metal alloy, is equipped with 46 automatic nozzles with mutually equal distance to the perimeter of the vessel. These nozzles brings the ignition disk in rotation around a central Plexiglas dome. In the dome are the measuring and control devices for remote control.
Measuring instruments and the instruments are equipped with Russian characters.
Disc radius of action seems to be on more than 30.000 km, and the flight altitude of 160 km.
The vessel, which resembles the legendary "flying saucers", has enough space for høyeksplosiv-possibly nuclear bombs.
The Norwegian specialists assume that the oppdagete disc has started its journey in the Soviet Union. As a result, a transmitter / receiver failure, the decreased in Spitsbergen, where the hard landing caused the casualty. The strange, remote controlled and unmanned jet should have been taken to Narvik rates. ships for further investigation. The German V-weapons designer Riedel said after a description of the discus disc: "It is a typical V-7, which I myself have participated in serial production".
In the booklet followed the development from above infancy through more than 160 articles in books and journals the subsequent 40 years. Finally, the argument is against that history has no root in reality.

posted on Mar, 7 2010 @ 09:40 PM
I think all crashed objects are from Earth.
I can't see why people say its un earthly.
Why should we take their say so.
Even hundreds of Hitlers disc planes have photo and great
write ups but don't fly.
So I'd say one and only one of Hitlers Foo did fly.
Developed by von Braun from long ago Tesla technology
bought by Germany in 1914.
The elites of industry know of Tesla in hundreds of processes.
One might be the UFO Foo flier.

posted on Dec, 10 2018 @ 10:13 AM
Anyone from Norway can comment on this case?

Hoax or what?was it ever explained?WAs is even a ufo or maybe a soviet satellite or what?

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