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I love the school holdays!

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posted on Feb, 19 2010 @ 08:28 AM
I know most people don't - kids running amok through town all day, parents stuck looking after kids etc etc

and then ATS - I know, its bad sifting through 20 posts all calling the OP 'gay', then another 10 saying "WTF shut it you stoopid doofus omgwtfbbq" - you get my point..

but I really like the occaisional onslaught of crap posts.
It reminds me of how ATS, on the whole, has much better standards than the rest of the internet.
Like, proper debate, and requirements of a certain standard with regards to writing styles - I don't think I've ever been on another forum with such stringent requirements.

And although I rarely post, its nice to be able to read nice flowing, coherent threads on things I'm interested in.


THANK YOU ATS for being amazing...


THANK YOU random, confused, angry younglings for my reminder of why I love ATS so...

now, do some bloody homework, you're back at school on Monday and you sure as hell ain't gunna be in all weekend now, are ya?

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