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Cost of closing Federal Government~DC

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posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:27 PM
I wasn't sure what forum to put this in. So if it is the wrong one I apologize.

For the first time, the Federal Government has been closed almost a week. Rarely is it back to back.

The cost per day of closing DC is 100 million dollars a day in lost costs.

Official estimate that closing the federal government for a day due to the weather costs roughly $100 million in lost productivity and opportunity costs, meaning this weekend's storm will have potentially cost taxpayers at least $250 million, for last Friday's early dismissal and Monday's and Tuesday's closures.

These closings are causing a lot of debate on NPR among Mid_Atlanticans. In this day and age, the federal government needs to come into this century and start embracing telecommuting, satellite offices. And that an entire government shouldn't be brought to a halt over a regional weather incident.

Some people do telecommute. The federal government requires that you provide proof of childcare if you have children. And I can understand that.

But they need to accept the fact that they don't have to have people in a cube with someone watching them to make sure that they are working. Productivity can be proof of that.

I am not familiar with telecommuting technology. I am sure there are wonderful gadgets out there if anyone knows of any that might be useful. But I think it would be obvious if your doing your work.

Studies show that telecommuting makes employees happier, and can save a lot of money on cost.

Another reason to embrace is DC horrible traffic problems, it would alleviate strain on the system.

Another good reason is that you don't have to have someone live in the area. need a decent programmer, now some person can work from Seattle or Florida.

Can anyone offer any valuable input on telecommuting? Adn how accepting of it is yoru regional government?

So in a nutshell, many are hoping that this brings to light that the Federal government needs to get with it technologically, and start thinking outside the cubicle.

washington post

posted on Feb, 11 2010 @ 02:32 PM
maybe its a good thing that they are closed, 100M a day is nothing compared to what the would spend, or propose to spend if they were at work


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