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Lists of Cryptids and Legendary Creatures

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:32 PM
List of Legendary Creatures

Snip-it of list as an example:

Adhene (Manx) - Nature spirit
Adlet (Inuit) - Vampiric dog-human hybrid
Adroanzi (Lugbara) - Nature spirit
Adze (Ewe people) - An African vampiric-forest being.
Aerico (Macedonian) - Disease demon
Afanc (Welsh) - Lake monster (exact lake varies by story).
Agathodaemon (Greek) - Spirit of vinefields and grainfields.
Agloolik (Inuit) - Ice spirit that aids hunters and fishermen.
Agogwe (East Africa) - Small, ape-like humanoid.
Ahkiyyini (Inuit) - Animated skeleton that causes shipwrecks.
Ahuizotl (Aztec) - Anthropophagous dog-monkey hybrid.
Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) - Anthropophagous humanoid with eyes in its instep.
Aigikampoi (Etruscan) - Fish-tailed goat
Aigamuxa (Khoikhoi) - Man-eating Ogres
Aitu (Polynesian) - Malevolent spirits or demons

Each one has a link to the creature.

List of Cryptids

This is a list of cryptids in alphabetical order, with there location, a short description, and other various information.

It is also categorized with this.

* Unconfirmed – cryptids whose existence is alleged but not demonstrated.
* Discredited – [Explanation] – cryptids that have a body of evidence against their existence.
* Proposed [animal name] – cryptids with an accepted alternative explanation.
* Extinct – animals that are generally believed to be extinct, but which cryptozoologists believe may have an extant relict population.

Animals no longer considered cryptids are marked:

* Confirmed [animal name or cause] – animals once thought to be cryptids but whose existence has now been confirmed.
* Hoax – cryptids once thought to be real but later conclusively proven to be hoaxes.

A lot of this stuff is really interesting, be sure to check it out.

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posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 02:36 PM
Hit Ctrl+F and type in your state or country to search for it locally.


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