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A CONSPIRACY? Against our own Species or Against LIFE?

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 12:25 AM
Over the years I have taken note of many different Conspiracy theories,
involving governments and so called secret organisations and so called clubs.

But at the end of the Day what can any power on Earth hope to achieve
that will have any long standing benefit to them?
I mean what are their motives? If in fact such Conspiracies do actually exist?
Most claim it to gain Control over the masses but what does this really achieve?

It is you the person in the street, that puts people into government and it is people
that ask for a Government to rule over us.

Government I believe is a necessity in this Word, so as to provide organised services
and if there is corruption within government, it usually involves greed for $$$
for personal gain, but this is only a confession of their shallow thinking, as there is
absolutely no gain or attainment for the human race, but instead only for LIFE.

The only one that Wins in the end, is LIFE.

So really if such conspiracies do exist, are they against their fellow
human species or is there instead a Conspiracy, against LIFE
within the human species?

When we look at human behaviour, it all revolves around The US$
When we buy to own anything, we are attempting to steal from LIFE.
If we claim ownership of anything we loose it in the End.
Even if we are foolish enough, to believe we are in control and leave
such material wealth to our children or charity, we can still NOT escape,
the fact that we Loose everything material on Death.

In other words everything material is Confiscated including our body
which was a gift and NOT charged for.

When we sell our labour, we are actually prostituting ourselves.

We all try to produce an artificial environment, but this is conspiring
against LIFE.

Everyone wants what they don't have or believe to have.
And when we believe we own it we grieve when we appear to loose it
or have it Confiscated by LIFE, as it All belongs to what Created All
Which was LIFE.

The more we foolishly believe, we own in the way of material wealth,
the greater the PAIN is, when it is taken from us at the end
of each of our own experience of Earth.
And we all deny this until the moment all is Confiscated by LIFE.

We claim to fight against Evil and fight for Freedom, but are we really doing this
or just fighting against LIFE?
The ones who make the weapons believe foolishly they gain material wealth
but is only a confession of their Ignorance of LIFE or because of their Conspiracy
against LIFE.

What is involved in Producing such a complex structure as a human being,
or any other Species, Not to mention a whole Universe or two?

Yet we try to destroy this in a moment of time, with absolutely No regard
to how existence has come about, nor even for the processes involved
to produce a Universe.

The Religious peoples of the world would often be the very first, to attempt Destroy
the Truth, just to retain their own version of a prop or an excuse to war
against LIFE, in disguise.

It would therefore appear to be a huge Conspiracy against LIFE, in all things today and has been over the last few thousand years.

Humankind lusts after ways of fighting against LIFE, and will use any title
or excuse to propagate their Conspiracy against LIFE.

All of Humankind is telling LIFE and everyone else, what LIFE is about
but No One is ASKING LIFE what it is all about!

Nor does anyone know how to ask, What (Not Who) has produced All
nor do they want to listen and honestly want to know.
Many say they do but turn around and produce some human made religion
or scientific philosophy ending up alienating themselves from LIFE and attacking LIFE,
in every way they can…

It is time for All of us, to WAKE UP and put aside the B.S. and see the Universe as it is, and Not as we want it to be.
Or does Humankind propose to change the TRUTH and Times through belief,
that is a belief in their own imaginations, without any Consideration at all for the TRUTH and LIFE?

It is so Sad, how Humankind make up rules, often based on lies or ignorance, to test the TRUTH. But sadly is only part of The Conspiracy in the human Species against LIFE…

[edit on 20-1-2010 by The Matrix Traveller]

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:50 AM
Another day, another wake up call...

Sorry, some of us just press the snooze button. It's ok, though. We'll hear it again tomorrow.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 02:09 AM
There was a thread like this posted a week or two ago. My opinion hasn't changed since then, so I'll just sum up what I said there.

Death has always been known as "The Great Equalizer." Everybody knows that. It's not a new concept.

From the point of view of the elite/conspirators, that's all fine and dandy. They'll deal with that when they get to the afterlife.

Until then, however, they're going to horde as much wealth and power as possible, while they still have some control.

They know what they can control in this life, they can't in the afterlife. But, again, they'll worry about that when they get there.

In the meantime, please wear this cute little barcode tag around your wrist so we know who you are. They now come in "Penitentiary Orange."

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:36 PM
Does the lack of reaction to this thread indicate that Humankind
does in fact conspire against LIFE?

Why is it, that Humankind shows No regard whatsoever for his environment?
Why is it, that Humankind is divided against its own species?
Does the lack of cooperation within the Human species, indicate their resentment
against LIFE?

If the human species can Not accept their own environment
and remain divided from each other, does this also reinforce
that Humanity Resents LIFE and Conspires against LIFE
with every opportunity?

When some want to make the World a better place, is this just a confession
that they don't understand the LIFE and that they Resent LIFE because of this?

In spite of all our so called technology, we still remain in the same condition of ignorance and are divided on all things.
All of humanity is arguing and trying to prove their understanding of the Universe
and them selves is correct.

But no One at all, is seriously asking LIFE, What is it All really about?
No need to get religious or even construct more theories to argue over.

Lets get to the Basic questions?
a. Why does Humanity War against LIFE, with every opportunity available?
b. What is it, that Experiences this Universe i.e. what Component experiences All?
Is it the Flesh that Experiences?
Or is it our Consciousness through the human form that experiences?

Is our Conscious State LIFE?
And not the result of Chemical reactions within the Brain.
Perhaps these Chemical changes are only the side affects of the activity within the Decoder/Encoder (Brain) between LIFE and the Universe and Not the Cause at all.

Does Humankind adopt the belief, that there is nothing other than what appears to be physical, thus Rejecting or Conspiring against LIFE?

Perhaps the so called physical nature of the body and Universe is Not as physical as we may be lead to believe?

Is it the Ignorance of the human race that invokes this Resentment against LIFE?

And Thus invoke Humanity to Conspire against LIFE?

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 03:43 PM
Are ants conspiring against life? Because thy fight each other, have different classes and (sort of) accumulate stuff? Any territorial social animal fight for resources among them - self. We are not animals, we have brains but it is not enough.
Not they i disagree with you on lots of points - we are too material and aggressive. $ influences us much more then humanity. But it is not conspiracy against anything, just weakness. I hope we will learn when (if) we grow up.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 04:34 PM
reply to post by ZeroKnowledge

Thank you ZeroKnowledge for your input...

Are ants conspiring against life? Because thy fight each other, have different classes and (sort of) accumulate stuff? Any territorial social animal fight for resources among them - self. We are not animals, we have brains but it is not enough.

You have a very valid point..... So this condition seams to be in All Species to some extent, more in some than others.


Is it actually the ants body that is at war?
Or is it, what drives the ants body that is at war?
Does the motivation come from the ant species?

Or does it come from another source through the Ant?

a. In other words what makes the choice?
b. What provides the options?

Is the choice an expression of that, which chooses the option.

Do all things even have choice?
Or do only some, have choice?

Is it that most don't actually have choice in humanity (only appear to have choice)
which brings on the Resentment against LIFE?

Perhaps most of humanity can only express their emotions, and Not actually change any thing at all not even for themselves.

We only have to look at the poorer countries to see this.

And the same in richer countries but in different areas in society.

Are we are all students in a class room, learning about the condition we are experiencing?

And if we do have choice, the options may be very limited and not as broad as we would be lead to believe.

I mean does Humanity really want what we experience?

So perhaps there are choices in this?

a. We like the world as it is.
b. We don't like it as it is.
c. We accept the world as it is and learn from the situation or story.


a. We see the world, as only a lesson in understanding the nature of all i.e. The two base components the Universe and LIFE.
b. Or that, "this is all there is" (Materialism). If so then I can understand why Humanity would Conspire against LIFE.

But if we accept...

a. (We see all as only a lesson in understanding the nature of all i.e. The Universe and LIFE.)

Perhaps then, we will Not Conspire against LIFE but rather understand the Lesson as though in a class room.

It is Not that I resent LIFE, but I see others all around me at war with each other and often show their Resentment against LIFE even though they would deny this. Often they seem to be unaware of their actions toward LIFE???
Or do they only appear to not be aware? But in fact do Resent LIFE and Conspire against LIFE?

You only need to look, at the entertainment (in all things) in human society and the constant greed for $$$$...

A bit like that ant hive you mentioned I guess.

Not they i disagree with you on lots of points - we are too material and aggressive. $ influences us much more then humanity. But it is not conspiracy against anything, just weakness. I hope we will learn when (if) we grow up.

Good point....

I guess we are as little children throwing a tantrum... (Conspiring) Against our parent.... LIFE I mean...

But when we get a little older we may give up our childish ways and start to learn from our Parent ...LIFE???

Well I hope so anyway...

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