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What if? What if the events in Haiti relate to 9/11….

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posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 12:50 PM
Now I have no real proof or otherwise testimony to backup my theory, and it should be treated as such for the moment. But there are a few things that caught my subconscious and I wanted to write about it…My question is: What if the events of Haiti were in fact a distraction for the world? What if these were signs of things to come? So let me try and tie in the knots together….

But first…. I find it odd that every time that the world economy and world secrets are on the verge of being discovered there is always some MAJOR event to cock block it. This is going to sound very strange and I do not wish to disturb or diminish these major events in any way. Life to me, has no monetary value, and is the most precious thing, that we as corporeal beings, might have or borrow for the short time passed on this planet. So you believe me when I say that I respect all of you no matter what. And my heart goes out to all the people that are victims of this whole ordeal. That must fend for food, water, and defend their person against the violence of crude excuses of human beings; raping people in the dead of night. (and im not exaggerating) So I am not going to say or pretend that any of this, does not concern me. As I would like you to know, right off the bat, that I will not discuss the moral implications of what has happened. Other then my greatest sympathies to all of the victims of all these events I will discuss. And sorry if I do not mention anything further about this in my text…..

So Starting with September 11th I believe that this is one of the major events of the last decade. It is very hard to overlook it’s importance. That day, the unbelievable giant, that was the United States of America, had fallen . And I say this in only terms of vision of itself. That day, The trust that the whole world had, was taken away. The whole world watched as the United States of America was gripped in panic, and control was totally lost…..

Or so it seemed…….

I think I might not be overstepping here, when I say that 9/11 was an inside job. Not a chance in HELL that all of these events would or could have happened if it weren’t for so many government agencies, backtracking and covering up events. Think about it for a second, too many clues left in this crime to totally throw out anything at the moment. From secondary explosives, to missing plane carcasses, to flight 93, to the van that was found on the day of 9-11 with paintings of the two planes crashing on it, before it even happened. Think for a second…. No way in hell that all of this could happen without people interfering….. yet people did not intervene in time… So it is pretty clear to me, government agenda, whatever it was, it was done with the highest levels of agencies, all knowing the exact results and outcome of that day….The plan was followed and succeded. That day, the whole world watched in horror, but the real horror, is that a new evil force was created. That day the United States of America began going down a slippery slope. One that history teaches us, leads only to more war, confrontation, and a new World Enemy.

4 Months before this historic date, a conference in new York threatened to blow open one of the biggest secrets of all time… acknowledgement of the truth embargo on alien presence on earth. This was all of course taking so much steam that it was acknowledge by government and ex government officials. The more people heard about it the more others would follow. This of course would have had deep inpact not only about the trust the entire world had for the United States. But it was also prelude to civil war. What if all the people in the world, suddently knew they were not alone, the entire system would in fact crumble. The only thing big enough to cover this event, was in my opinion 9/11. After the towers fell, the story was quietly buried as is anything with slight momentum on this subject. Also every source of information was discredited . ==Continued

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 12:52 PM
As is the case of DR Greer, if I remember it correctly, who is know able to meditate and talk to men from venus…. Ohh well….. (search google and youtube for disclosure project)

Okay things aren’t as black and white as was written, there is also the financial meltdown that was averted by the destruction of the twin towers. In fact ALL of major debt information was withheld in those 2 city blocks that were smashed by the destruction. This would leave any financial buble intact to some point. Of course they wanted the damn buildings destroyed, all of the financial proof to anything was in that building.

The real theory here, is that somebody real important in this world, threatened the United States Prior to 9/11. This threat or blackmail , had it’s proofs within the financial system. And from the risk they took to blow up their own buildings, I am guessing something real important had to be hidden….

I began interesting myself in finances, as soon as I realized that it is the root and often the only real motive to anything. It is also the way to track anything on this planet. It is the only common thing all of the people have apart from sex. But on the other hand some aren’t interested as much to money as they are to the power it brings…

An organization such as government, in any country, will be flawed and is always most certainly corrupt. But it’s only a question of HOW corrupt. When confronted to riches and power, they are like a drug. Those who have it always want more. Honestly, tell me of someone that is addicted to weed , that doesn’t take at least two spliffy’s a day. I can say without any shred of a doubt, that society, as is, is impossible to substain. The rules contradict themselves too much, they have become to hard to follow, and harder to understand. Too many organizations trying to manage too many things, leave but one thing, void and lack of control over such set of resources and people. And leave the people in total ignorance of anything…

Bluntly the system is corrupt, and damaged beyond relief and repair. It is trying to hide from itself, from its previous sins, and creating a whole new set of sins by hiding them. There are so many different entities with different mandates that they are all going at each other to find a bigger slice of the pie. Real power no longer is with government, but with government agencies, and unions. These organizations detain the real power. They all play the game with each other, and the players name changes but not the game.

As is everything of power and glory it is not meant to last. Some people hold unto it like it was the single most important thing in life. But in fact it is just a part of it. The first mistake is to believe that such power can be wielded to control the masses for long periods of time. There is a limit to all things. This limit is almost reached and while everything is about to fall, these different entities, wage private wars against each other. Right now If I had to take a wild guess, then I would summise that the world has had enough of US policy overseas and everywhere. They have had it with money that no longer has any value. This is were I think Haiti served as a warning shot to all that would defy the US….

It’s no big secret (actually it was but now it isn’t) that U.S black operations research has funded many different products that would influence or change geographical environements. Specifically influence tectonic plate movement. Such weapons have been talked about, leaked and discredited. But they have also been talked about all over the world.

Imagine then for a second, you cause 9/11, then you cause tsunamis at the other end of the world, and then when shook or pressed for something you destroy an entire city and country all at the same time. It would make sense then

If we looked at the United Nations for a moment, which was asked to withdraw all of their doctors from Haiti last Saturday(or was it friday). == Cont=

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 12:53 PM
The United Nation is stired by fear. Has no real control over anything, but withdrawing or staying. Don’t you think that the other nations that have been scared off, would not react…. This is what has happened. And in this bloody game of politics, there is nothing good in playing with the lives of people. They all think they are above us, when in fact the people are above them.

Nothing is as obvious as total corruption over politics then this highly offensive move. Now what could possibly be so important to withdraw this entire temp hospitals staff, bringing with them all of the supplies. I mean what’s the goal of having millions of dollars collected, if the people that are sent there to provide relief, move on to something else every time something dangerous might happen. I’m telling you right now it smells bad. And the U.N has been known to launder money. And the Haiti situation has attracted world attention. Imagine for a second all of the money that is being collected all over for this cause right now. I imagine that this would be far enough to compensate for the over bloated economy going under. And still have some leftover to help the Haitian people. Would explain why the house of cards is not collapsing as of yet. Just yesterday 7 Million was acquired with larry Kings Marathon for Haiti. Where is all that money gonna go? Do we all really know (I have a feeling larry king would be one of those really sending over the money for charity, but handlers can always deroute it if necessary)

And still ….were is all the relief stocks? Did you see the people in the streets still living in tents? If all that money was given to relieve people, Were is this relief? Why does it still look like the Haitian people still have to fend for themselves, without any sign of this relief. You don’t believe me? Then mute cnn for an hour. Take a look at images. They are worth more then a thousand words. You will see …..

Now consider this: China, Japan, and the United States all have technology that was tested and proven to change weather and to affect tectonic plates into causing earth quakes. Also there is a lot of information out there about global climate change and possible ELE yet to come because of solar activity in the Milky Way. Is it possible that all of this does tie in together? Was the financial meltdown caused to create some type of belligerent distraction? Many tend to believe in this theory. Many people, including myself. In the 60’s a program called Alternative 3 produced some amazing results. This in fact theorized that an Extinction Type Event would be caused by either mankind’s greed, or from other godly sources. That to ensure humanity’s survival alternatives had to be found.

I believe that this caused man to usher in, the space age. And I believe that while the rest of humanity still creates wars between itself, that some of them are exploring the stars. And while the cause for this is all really noble, an elitist bunch, have chosen to survive and to live and let die, the rest of humanity. Now those that understand this will not play the end game, and chose to honor their family and friends and lend a helping hand… Let those who wallow in power, drown in the sweat of their tears….

I would like to conclude that there is no greater power then that of truth…. And Truth is stranger than fiction,

Maybe my fiction is not as strange as truth itself.

Thank you for reading this you all and have a great day

== The end ==

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 12:59 PM
What if we all use what has happened in haiti as a new start point, a clean sheet nothings impossible. We have all got 1 thing in common ....we are all Human Beings. How about we all stop and realize how lucky we all are regardless of skin colour religious views and everything else that has had us at eachothers throats for 100`s of years. We are todays generation and yet we all continue to carry on living the same as we have done. Isnt it time? especially now to start again?

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 01:04 PM
To realise that we all act in a certain way, we all need understanding... Tell me something did this whole text incite you to do something about it?

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 01:58 PM
What if this isn't the 9/11 subforum and there appear to be no ties within your multiple long posts that refer to any Secret Societies?

Just askin'!

posted on Jan, 19 2010 @ 04:19 PM
interesting theory and questions you pose. Myself, I don't believe that we can affect either the weather or earthquakes with HAARP or anything else. Do you have some links that might convince me otherwise? While not being above possible, still seems highly unlikely to me.
Aside from that I'm all with you.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:45 AM
I am sorry if I had posted this in the wrong section, thanks for having it moved in the right place.

I read the following thread here today :

And was happy to see that It had inspired people to dig deeper into this. It so happens that there are a lot of things that the American government would like to own from Haiti. Thanks to their research I can finally tie in the Red Cross with the events of Haiti and of 9/11. Just so you know, I work as a consultant for my local government branch and I can tell you, they just added a give to the red cross button on their intranet site. Every government organization wants us to give generously to the red cross. In return I see that this non profit organization is runed by banksters and ceo’s of major telecommunication companies. Even Starbucks…(Wich all have major interests an Haiti for obvious reasons. AT&T for instance would like to channel into the market, Starbucks coffee imports most of its stock from there etc etc) But the interesting part was when I wrote that these non profit organizations were tunneling money and I was told that I could tell something smelled fishy and reminded me of the way 9/11 story folded out … Read the following quote from ThichHeaded about the thread in the link above:

In response to the terrorist attacks, the American public donated unprecedented
amounts of money to charities nationwide. Questions were raised about where the
money was going and whether the victims and their families had access to the
donated money in a timely manner. To help assure victims and donors that the
money was getting to the intended beneficiaries promptly, hearings were held in the
U.S. House of Representatives on November 6 and 8, 2001. New York Attorney
General Eliot Spitzer testified, as did representatives of the Better Business Bureau
Wise Giving Alliance, among others. The American Red Cross was particularly
questioned because of concern that part of the $1 billion raised would be held in
reserve rather then spent on the 9/11 victims as was expected by the people who
donated the money. Subsequently, Red Cross officials declared that all the funds
raised for the Liberty Disaster Relief Fund would be distributed to 9/11 victims.

So I was asked if there was any link between 9/11 and Haiti, and I say that the Red Cross is one of those very obvious crossovers. It’s being used to tunnel money right now. And from what I heard about the temp airport, a lot of airplanes carrying relief stock, were denied permission to enter for at least 2 days. And all of that is topped off by a couple of planes with plenty of supplies that are not being distributed. Look carefully at the news, you will see that some reporters can’t believe what is happening and are actually reporting what is happening. A small portion of the truth is getting out. Some of these reporters (I watch cnn mostly) after seing the devastation just can’t believe how very “wrong” things are going. Relief efforts aren’t in full sway even after a full week….

I know it’s hard to see at first but there is a connection, between these events, and those of 9/11. The connection is about profit. Once these events go by, the United States Governement is always in some sort of either territorial war, or in a position of occupation. This in term affects the sovereignty of the nation under siege even more then the devastation that has ensued.

Other important fact, Haiti is sitting on black gold. A coincidence that a map shows pockets of “Hydrocarbon” are exactly under Port au Prince. Another 6.0 This morning very near that same exact fault line…. Coincidence…. Either there are some people trying to dig for the black gold at the peoples expenses or something very bad is happening. Hear YE Hear YE, Oil , black gold, Haiti and an Earthquake machine….. This could all be linked…. But of course it’s very thin….

Continued on next post ==

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 08:45 AM

This site talks about Nicolas Tesla who had many different theories. Invented some pretty cool stuff (tesla coils mmmm). One of his devices could “theoretically” be made so that it could create earthquakes. Here is the interesting quote related to our subject from the above website :

Tesla claimed the device, properly modified, could be used to map underground deposits of oil. A vibration sent through the earth returns an "echo signature" using the same principle as sonar. This idea was actually adapted for use by the petroleum industry, and is used today in a modified form with devices used to locate objects at archaelogical digs.

So this here text, mentions hard facts, that the oil industry, right now, uses technologies that are similar in nature. And this is just a wild guess or supposition, but what if this is the kind of project (Tesla Earthquake generator) that could interest the military industry. What if it you could take the enemy down by directly impacting land mass ; Without having the nuclear waste that could be caused by atomic weapons; Wouldn’t that be the kind of alternative weapon you would be looking for? And relatively speaking, it would leave any enemy crippled beyond hope. You could cripple an enemy’s defenses and offensive capability without firing even one round…. Think about it… If I can come to the same conclusion, chances are that some general in the pentagon can think about it too… Be it pentagon or other type of agency or black op.

My theory for the day is the following: The money that is currently being sent through the Red Cross Relief fund is being used to artificially inflate the economy. This money in turn is being sent to these companies (AT&T, Starbucks etc etc) to install or otherwise propose new services within Haiti. This in turn brings big profit.

Of course I have plenty more that I could add, but Ill keep it short for now.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 10:17 AM
Ohh and I have noticed that some users have complained because of something called TV FAKERY (that I wasnt aware of) . I assure you, I know nothing of the matter and I have been a member of ATS for a long time. Just not always active thats all..

Maybe my topic touches 9/11 but not for the same reasons. It is not my intension to portray anything else but a sound theory... (well anyways to me it makes some sense, I know im not exactly the gate keeper here)

But I find it funny that some of you would consider me an extrimist of sorts. I hope that this helps in some ways to underscore the importance of my theory versus the message that some have perceived!

And I have received no flags for this text, but have received a nice Applause from one of the moderators so I guess thats something to consider as well. thanx for reading my stuff

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 11:13 AM

Originally posted by Fitzgibbon
What if this isn't the 9/11 subforum and there appear to be no ties within your multiple long posts that refer to any Secret Societies?

Just askin'!

On the contrary, I think it has a LOT to do with these 9/11 conspiracies, namely, that this guy is getting all these bizarro world "embargo on space aliens" and "secret technology that creates earthquakes" conspiracy stories from the exact same place the 9/11 truthers are getting their "controlled demolitions" and "missiles at the Pentagon" conspiracy stories- these damned fool conspiracy web sites pushing out such utter horse [censored] specifically to get people all paranoid over shadows.

I know this becuase they always fit the same exact pattern- an overreliance on the idea that secret gov't agents have supernatural powers, from turning invisible and planting explosives without being seen to creating earthquakes in third world countries. This, from an administration who can't even hand out bottles of water to hurricane victims in New Orleans without slipping on banana peels.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 11:42 AM
Well since this is a conspiracy site, I have some beliefs, that are mine, that things are not always as they seem. I dont think that governements are that powerfull. As I mentionned earlier in my post, I feel that the real power is no longer in the hands of the politicians, but in the hands of these organisations that are either para-govermental, or money driven.

Since we are in the subject of conspiracy, it is my belief as well, that we have at some point in time, recovered alien space ships. Yes that is a very wild belief. But a lot of different sites on the web support this theory. It is your choice to believe or not that I have really no control over, and do not wish to. I am not pushing any agenda on 9/11 truth movement or whatever they are called , I am simply trying to paint a bigger picture.

This by the way is a fact, you know the United States Spy plane Sr-71 was active in 68. Now imagine that, the first time you heard about this plane in the public was back in 72 or 73. Those are but tidbits or the things that are going on in search and developement. And if you take my example of tesla's theory, then most likely things have been expiremented to that effect. I don't think it's that much of a wild theory. But of course it is still a theory and to that effect you are right.

But for the Secret Societythat controls and that most likely has the most to gain about this, Id look at a company called : IDB. From what I understand it is a major bank, backed by all of the rich countries, Including canada, the U.S, Germany, France Etc ETC with contributionnal funds. They have active 101 Billion dollars

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 12:20 PM

Originally posted by KpxMarMoTT
Well since this is a conspiracy site, I have some beliefs, that are mine, that things are not always as they seem. I dont think that governements are that powerfull. As I mentionned earlier in my post, I feel that the real power is no longer in the hands of the politicians, but in the hands of these organisations that are either para-govermental, or money driven.

Don't get me wrong, I'm not chiding you in the least. If you have such opinions, by all means, it's a free country. The question is, however, do you have these opinions entirely becuase you yourself believe them to be true, or do you have these opinuons becuase of something you read on these conspiracy web sites that put the idea in your head?

If it's the latter, then you should know that conspiracy web sites ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS have an ulterior agenda, and they can, will, and do, deliberately misrepresent what they put out in order to get you to believe what they want to to believe. If, say, someone who hated the Jews was running a "the holocaust was a hoax" web site, he obviously wants to get you to hate the Jews as well. How truthful do you think he will be in the information he's putting out? Honestly?

I see absolutely no difference between that, and all these web sites claiming the World Trade Center was blown up.

posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 01:17 PM
Um unless I am wrong here you are trying to deroute the subject at hand by claiming it is redicule because of its source. But as I had mentionned allready twice this is only a theory as of now. I do not expect you to approve or disaproved faced with the limited proof I have offered.

And ... sorry for being blunt but.... What if the world center was blown up? I am in no further position to prove or disaprove this theory. The only thing I know is that presented with certain facts, things are very bogus at best. Some things don't add up, the same with the kenedy assasination, or even the events at roswell new mexico. Unless there are really credible sources to disclose such information (unlikelly to happen) we will never really know. All we have is close sounding theories.

However for my part I believe that the website has a lot of interesting things on what MIGHT be going on. And if you do relate to facts better please search the connection that is ongoing between IDB and the HAITIAN Nationnal debt as it is very much one of the solid facts behind all of this supposed cover up I am looking at.

If you want solid connexions to actuall life events, then look at the financial market, IDB current active versus passives and the ammount that was needed for the bail outs in 2008. Youl figure out that a big part of the economy is in IDB bank. It is own by rich countries and it owns most of south america and the caimen islands.

This bank is going to get positive banking even further considering that the debts from HAITI are going to be cancelled. Please tell me you find that just a conspiracy as well... I am sorry If I appear like this but I am not and I repeat not this kind of poster that gets a kick out of making 9/11 the main topic. The topic for the day here is control. And were the control is comming from. Seems to all point to washington DC as of right now.

if you need more of an on the mark proof of something....

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posted on Jan, 20 2010 @ 07:52 PM

Originally posted by KpxMarMoTT
Um unless I am wrong here you are trying to deroute the subject at hand by claiming it is redicule because of its source. But as I had mentionned allready twice this is only a theory as of now. I do not expect you to approve or disaproved faced with the limited proof I have offered.

That's right, it IS ridiculous specifically becuase it's coming from those damned fool conspiracy web sites. My point is that it is by no means any reflection on you. You simply read what they were saying and accepted it at face value, not knowing they were lying through their teeth. You yourself are simply the victim in their con game.

And ... sorry for being blunt but.... What if the world center was blown up?

Then there'd be more evidence showing it was blown up than, well, nothing. To bring a gigantic building like those down, you wouldn't need to wonder whether there were explosions or not. It would have been out and out blatant that the building was blown up, with flashes, shrapnel being thrown all over the place, steel in ground zero showing blast marks, etc. PLUS, we would have had an actual real target lined up for this flase flag from the beginning, not this weird "plot to invade Iraq by framing Al Qaida and Afghanistan" scheme. PLUS, if we went to the trouble of blowing up the towers, we'd have also go through the trouble of planting enriched uranium in Iraq to prove Saddam Hussein really did have WMD and the US would have been heroes of the world for the next 100 years.

As it is now, all you're doing is linking completely random events to form the pattern you yourself want to see. For one thing, Nixon was 100 times smarter than Bush, and not even he could stop insiders from spilling the beans about Watergate to the public.

This bank is going to get positive banking even further considering that the debts from HAITI are going to be cancelled. Please tell me you find that just a conspiracy as well... I am sorry If I appear like this but I am not and I repeat not this kind of poster that gets a kick out of making 9/11 the main topic. The topic for the day here is control. And were the control is comming from. Seems to all point to washington DC as of right now.

If you don't believe anythign I tell you, then believe this, at least- Washington, D.C. does not have the ability to manufacture earthquakes.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 07:45 AM
It's not that I don't believe anything you say. And it’s just plain obvious it is the other way around. I am opened to any form of debate on the matter. And I do confess that I have certain paranoia when it comes to media and their way of displaying facts. If you think that I am just pointing out random facts that support what I am saying then obviously you are not aware of the many search groups that were unsatisfied with the official inquiry into the sept 11 attacks. A lot of the people that had lost someone were there , trying to understand the scope of things and were not at all convinced that everything had been said. They started investigating on their own, and made their research available. When you look at the data, it is not because of conspiracy that these people are searching for the truth, but rather for justice. They are trying to peace together their lives so that they can move on. Big questions were never answered, and responsibility was never taken on a load of issues. And you derail this thread over proof that was taken all over the place…. As far as I am concerned I have given a lot of information on this thread that can be verified in archives. Of course it doesn’t tie in everything perfectly. And since this is a conspiracy site, trying to peace together many stories over 10 years is not going to be full picture straight up. But since you are so adamant about the 9/11 story, I will continue with it and make you see some of its still unresolved issues. Here are some of the various nails that stand out. I am only gonna talk about the two towers for now….If you are willing to play along then please explain the following inklings:

1st: The structures of the two towers are made of reinforced steel. Those beams were in straight center of the towers. It was proven by computer models based on exact data that the first plane did not even come close to the middle part of the tower. Why would the structure weaken if it was not even touched (considering that it was designed to withstand the impact of two planes and triple the heat of what the explosion made!)

2nd if the main structure withholding the pressure and strength of the building was never touched then why did the building collapse on itself. Would it not have fallen in any other fashion if only one part of the structure was weakened? Example from side to side… in a 45 degree angle?

3rd If it was in fact the structure, of reinforced beams, that had melted because of the heat why is it that the building again collapsed in the straight center of itself? (please explain because even expert testimony still cannot)

4th: Witnesses do mention secondary explosions, as that of controlled demolition. This is not theory; it is in the video archives if you look for it.(and no these are not from conspiracy websites, but from reports from major “credible” news sources interviewing the rescue workers after the collapse of the first tower) The rescue workers all mention that it was as if there were many explosions cascading. If I remember correctly they all mention hearing a few explosions a half a second apart before the whole building collapsing. (and that collaborates with the video footage showing explosions a few floors down before the collapse)

5TH Why did the glass in the lobby of the building, 15 minutes before the collapse , All explode if the building and the structure did not appear to weaken in any way prior to the collapse?

6Th And what are the chances of 2 buildings getting hit by two planes and different hights and collapsing in on themselves in the same matter from the same point? Structural investigation proves and acknowledges that this is impossible. The point of impact was 20 stories apart yet they collapsed in the same way…

It's just a matter of certain coincidences. If we are talking about 9/11 then I have seen footage that indeed shows the explosions before the collapse. And a massive number of people that are controlled demolition experts have all given the same opinion about the collapse. This was too much of that of a building collapsing in on itself due to demolition charges then in fact about the structure failing.

And you might excuse my manners, but I am simply trying to understand things, And I always research before posting, And derailing the subject proves only your disbelief but does not answer the questions I have asked you…. And if you must know, I believe that if you illuminate the impossible, whatever is left however improbable must be the truth. If you do not believe in anything I say then it’s in your right, but at least explain your basis as I have done a few times already.


(or flag the thread for the effort)

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posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 08:33 AM

Originally posted by KpxMarMoTT

What if.....

What if? Heck...I *expect* that linkage from the truthers of the world! Its the same mentality that brought us space-based destructo laser beam weapons and no planes and thermite/thermate and forward-fuel-spraying devices on the aircraft and the "Pod" and etc so on and so forth.

Now I have no real proof....

Truthers like to do that, don't they? "I have no proof, but I think the moon made of Limburger cheese!" and they get bent out of shape when nobody takes them any more seriously than a soup sandwich.

Looking forward to your *next* "no-real proof" claim.

posted on Jan, 21 2010 @ 09:08 AM
Looking forward to your *next* "no-real proof" claim ---

Great then read this! this is an excerpt from transcripts of U.S Secretary of defense William S. Cohen on April 28, 1997 8:45 AM EDT. Here is the link as well....

interesting part in this transcript, talks about other nations or terrorist clans that have in fact found new technology that could be a threat against your home nation. This is in fact the same kind of threat to them as eco terrorism and bio-terrorism.

Others are engaging even in an eco- type of terrorism whereby they can alter the climate, set off earthquakes, volcanoes remotely through the use of electromagnetic waves.

And the funny thing, HAha, with all of this, is that this is a secretary of defense talking. You can not fake this kind of proof. If washington D.C has no such machine, then they are at least aware of something simmilar as per the transcript.

You can go ahead and call them to get the official transcript. But seing how my "fake" proof doesnt impress you, maybe youd like to read the complete transcript on the web.

Public contact:
or +1 (703) 428-0711 +1

Furthermore if you read my thread and look closely I have given enough information for it to be at least conceivable that some of my theory is plausible. And if you think my cracker jack logic still needs some revising then please POINT towards Which ARGUMENT instead of labelling all of my thread the way that you did!

Ohh and thanks for being such responsive with me

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posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 11:59 AM

Originally posted by KpxMarMoTT
Looking forward to your *next* "no-real proof" claim ---

Great then read this! this is an excerpt from transcripts of U.S Secretary of defense William S. Cohen on April 28, 1997 8:45 AM EDT. Here is the link as well....

Well....personally I have always thought William Cohen an idiot, so I'll begin with that.

Second, if you honestly want to believe that there are people or organizations out there with the capability to target an earthquake in a specific region, or manipulate the environment and weather to the point of being able to "control" such, you go right ahead. If you want to believe that people have this capability and chose to use it on Haiti instead of Tehran or Pyongyang or Wazirastan, you go right ahead. If you want to believe that the technical capability to generate a 7+ richter earthquake, at will, is within the capabilities of man today, you go right ahead.

What you will do, though, is continue the absolute hilarious comedy show that is the "Truth" movement of today. SO I encourage you - please keep up with these posts. Find more comments from government officials that talk in the abstract of these sorts of capabilities. They exist! Yes, they do! neglected to show any "proof", btw.

posted on Jan, 22 2010 @ 03:11 PM

Trebor451 : Well....personally I have always thought William Cohen an idiot, so I'll begin with that.

Ok so even if he was an idiot that doesn't change the circumstancial evidence. Ok since you obviously need hard proof for everything that I just said then I will go ahead and search a bit. I will resume my post on monday where I will write a few more pages, and come up with the hard facts. What I Will do is Connect the builderberg group, The Navy's new scout and research sub, the financial meltdown, haiti current events, and 9/11.

And trust me just reading a bit around the net the connexions are all there finding the real evidence is the hard part. But I will try one last time before I give up on ATS (considering some of the other stories Ive read here are even more far fetched then mine even though it started out as a theory)

If any of this rings a bit right to some please Star and flag and comment!

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