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The War in Space- Technology & The Race for Superiority:

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posted on Jan, 14 2010 @ 08:15 AM
Many threads on ATS have dicussed the "what if's" and "theoretical" apsects of the space technology topic. Every thing from Extra Terrestrial influence, to rediscovered lost knowledge.

What has not been compiled, is a non fictional, or "solid" evidence based non speculation dicussions.

Every time one of these topics gets rolling, it gets trolled out and ruined by those seeking to push their fantasy ideas on others who wish to focus on the reality of what we can perceive as provable.

Not wishing for some thing we don't have, or can't prove.

So, in an last efort attempt to form a compilation of what can be proven as current info, I am going to start this off with some links to what can be.

Some members should be familar with much that is within the linked info, as previous years have had extensive thread discussions on much of what is reflected below.


Matthew Hoey (Military Space Transparency Project

ABSTRACT: Set in an environment that lacks a modernized, enforceable, and effective space treaty regime, this forecast highlights for readers the potential bridges and sequels between various existing and emerging technologies in the years leading up to 2025 that might culminate in acts of space warfare. This piece also explores the relationships between critical dual-use technologies that assist in the development of both peaceful commercial and destructive military applications. Given how easily information can spread about the globe today, it is inevitable that space warfare technologies will proliferate. Once one country sets its sights on space domination, other countries are sure to follow, spurring a second arms race of sorts. The international community is in a race against time as technologies are evolving faster than ever before and will continue to accelerate exponentially in an almost biological fashion. If this process continues unabated, it will almost certainty result in the deterioration of peaceful collaborations, an increase in the creation of orbital debris, and the risk of an accidental or spasm nuclear event.
One has to look to beyond forefront military space technologies in order to begin to map the future of space warfare.
Matthew Hoey (Military Space Transparency Project

Military Space Transparency Project (MSTP)

MSTP not only focuses public attention on dedicated military space technologies with warfare applications, but also specializes in uncovering the dual-use and emerging technologies that will lead to the weaponization of space

Monitoring International Military Space Efforts

Space Warfare Center
The mission of the Space Warfare Center is to advance America's space capabilities and employment concepts through tactics development, testing, analysis, and training programs. The genesis of the Space Warfare Center dates back to Desert Storm, during which combat operations relied on space support more than any past conflict. However, an analysis of these operations revealed several shortfalls in the United States' ability to take advantage of all the capabilities space has to offer.

Pentagon Report: China's Space Warfare Tactics Aimed at U.S. Supremacy
China appears to be sharpening its war fighting space skills, from creating anti-satellite weaponry, building new classes of heavy-lift and small boosters, as well as improving an array of military space systems.

That judgment comes courtesy of the U.S. Department of Defense (DoD) which earlier this week released its annual report to Congress: The Military Power of the People's Republic of China.

The report focuses on the current and probable future course of that country's growing military-technological prowess, including the use of space to assure military advantage.

China dod

An Air Force report is giving what analysts call the most detailed picture since the end of the Cold War of the Pentagon's efforts to turn outer space into a battlefield.

For years, the American military has spoken in hints and whispers, if at all, about its plans to develop weapons in space. But the U.S. Air Force Transformation Flight Plan (PDF) changes all that. Released in November, the report makes U.S. dominance of the heavens a top Pentagon priority in the new century. And it runs through dozens of research programs designed to ensure that America can never be challenged in orbit -- from anti-satellite lasers to weapons that "would provide the capability to strike ground targets anywhere in the world from space."

Pentagon Preps for War in Space

These are just a few examples of current and past references to the program/s that have been around since before Reagan. The program they presented him for his public announcement, was a watered down version. Made public so the budget could be increased, due to large funds going into the black budget. Which draws too much critisism from Senators and Congress alike.

Besides, it is much easier to hide things in plain sight, isn't it.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 08:39 AM
Space warfare is not cheap at all. Both sides can dream about it, but it doesn't mean they'll manage to have it to their satisfaction. When it comes to technological superiority, I personally more interested in robotics rather than space warfare. Not that it's not important, but I'm just not so sure whether china can actually catch up with the United States, a lot of ambition, but no real innovation.

I don't think the US has a lot to worry about with the technological race. The most important thing for the US is too keep the high level of innovation and to strive for a better standard in education both in general sense and in science and technological context.

posted on Jan, 23 2010 @ 12:13 PM
Good idea for a thread!

Space as the next battle space seems to be creeping upon us I think.
With western(especially USA/UK)military thinking being the way it is I believe that space must be the next frontier of operations.
Because our militaries will plow money into any area that they percieve that their potential enemies are working on.
An example of this was when the US mil. started delving into the metaphysical;remote viewing,mind control etc(as depicted in the amusing movie "men who stare at goats")-on the hearsay that the Soviets may be doing the same.

Therefore,If western governments believed other powers were looking at space weapons,then they would certainly pursue a countermeasure IMO.
Now lets think about China:

Heres a link to a full council on foriegn relations(!) report into space weapons:

Overview China’s successful test of an anti-satellite weapon in 2007, followed by the U.S. destruction earlier this year of an out-of-control U.S. satellite, demonstrated that space may soon no longer remain a relative sanctuary from military conflict.
As the United States, China, and others increasingly benefit from the information that military and intelligence satellites provide, the temptation to attack these satellites provides troubling potential for instability and conflict in space that could dramatically affect U.S. military capabilities on earth.

From just the above paragraph(the full report contains a lot more info)I would say that its a good bet that the US and its allies are working to counter possible Chinese satellite.killers at this very moment.
The space weapons race has begun IMO,although its behind layers of secrecy of course.


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