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Live to be 100+

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posted on Jan, 12 2010 @ 06:15 PM
Ever since the summer due to a series of incidents i have taken it lightly as far as my ATS attendance is concerned. Even so despite using my computers mostly for work i lately started to do some bed time reading through my mobile web enabled device and some light web browsing and also paying some ATS visits

Despite the inconvenience of being here via a mobile device i just watched a video on TED that i thought it would be nice sharing with you all.

What You will be watching if you follow this thread is no grand secret but sometimes its the simplest things that we need to be reminded of

TED is no secret either and i have watched some (well many ... lol) amazing videos that gave me insight into things i never thought of, all by and thanks to TED.

Therefore comming back to the subject of the thread i would prefer to be tight on words letting you watch the video for yourself

You can watch the Original on TED

Or you can watch through YouTube here for convenience :


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