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Pharmacy Technician Exposes Swine Flu Vaccine Side Effects

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posted on Jan, 10 2010 @ 03:01 PM
This is what's starting to happen to the people who took the vaccine a few months back. Have their immune systems been disabled? Of course this will only get worse with time.

Pharmacy Technician in Quebec Hospital

“I have worked in a hospital as a pharmacy technician since 2008. After your appearance on LCN (Quebec TV channel editor's note), I decided to do my research on the vaccine, knowing that I would surely be among the first vaccinated. What I discovered dissuaded me from being vaccinated. I told my work colleagues, warning them of the danger. After listening carefully, they ran to be vaccinated for fear of this little bout of flu (grippette)! And this even though we had had many cases of emergencies during the summer and though only one of the technicians had been ill (and not very ill)!

Today (January 4, 2010), there is only a handful of us left who have refused the vaccination. And none of us has been sick or is currently ill. We are very well, apart from the fatigue of the holidays of course! The problem is rather due to the fact that at least half of the "vaccinated" now have problems. Many cough constantly, have flu-like symptoms, headaches, persistent toothache, stomach aches and insomnia ... One of my colleagues, who already suffered from anaemia in the past, began to bleed under her thumbnails and lost four toenails! Of course, nobody suspects the vaccine! I am starting to monitor more carefully the condition of my colleagues who were among the first vaccinated in Quebec. To my knowledge, our hospital was the first to receive the vaccine (the Arepanrix GSK with the "cursed" squalene ASO3, well marked on the box, in addition to the thimerosal).”

Quote from Pharmacy Technician is half way down this article

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