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Well I don't see why we shouldn't

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posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 12:24 AM
just go ahead and jump right into the thick of things.

I'm still not 100 percent how this will unfold, so, one step at a time, and with the Grace of Mother I go!

This Is Just A Test:

Nothing to comment on yet. Should anyone feel free to begin. I will come up with, something. Apologies in advance for not observing the correct chronology of events.

In the whole, a-typical observation of time, in the sense that time isn't a simulation meant to enhance the experience we are all sharing on Planet Houston here. Zod, anyone?:


posted on Jan, 9 2010 @ 12:54 AM
In any case, I will abide as I understand it best at this NOW in time.

I have already allowed the moderator's full permission to take whatever actions they deem necessary and worthwhile against any of the posts I make here.

It's their house, and I trust them to run it how they think best. I look around, and I can see we got some sharp lads behind this get-up!

The above post is not directed towards them, so much as it is advising them to follow closely, what is going to occur, just as closely as I will. We already know there are "friendlies", and "unfriendlies" in the house, let's just put that aside for a while, while we demonstrate* together, how this NWO~-~NOW really operates.

The White Rabbit of Alice In Wonderland! The Red Pill of the Matrix. The Not A Normal Rubber Ball of the Prestige, sleight of hand, misdirection of focal point attention, magic(k) trick.

"Look over here, don't look over here":

Is there anyone in the room, who understands what is being presented in this video? If so, would you mind, stepping, introducing yourself, and letting me know, where you are at with this kind of information.

If not, I would request that the moderator's allow me to slip in that final hat trick. Really, this time!

I am going to watch it again, ponder, and see what the ethers provide as a working schematic. I, do not hate schemers. I am one actually.

Soap anyone?

edit note: if the person responsible for making the video is a member here, can I ask he(narration), she?(co-creator?) to come forward please.
There are issues I feel need to be addressed. pm me if you would you prefer I not use your work in mine.
gracious thank you to the mods for allowing us to use these kinds of videos on ats! trust you will take care of anything not kool! please and thank you!

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