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CLONING and BT-modified... A US-Army project ?

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posted on Feb, 26 2003 @ 04:16 AM
I've just went to read "TRIPLE", by KEN FOLETT.

This book date from1996 and really devellop interest and possibilities of MILITARY BT/CLONING project.

DNA is known since 30's. Cloning since 50's and BT/Genitic modification since 70's...

TRIPLE is a POLITICAL FICTION, some person really look like actual US-governants (Senator Jim PROUST look like Donald RUMSFELD... GENETICO inc is like CELERA BIO-TECH, AVENTIN hospital seems to mean AVENTIS chemical, LANDSMANN is a geman group like HOECHST chemical european giant...).

If you have read this book (or seen it in TV-movie) or not, tell me what do you think about
military researchs cloning.

posted on Mar, 13 2003 @ 03:28 AM
factors that would give the US government reasons for obtaining such technology. Those factors are it's simple determination to be the best and better than the rest at all times, in all places, with all things. In reality the American government is as weak and destructive as you have suggested in other posts, as have I. I understand that in today's world and in all times I can remember, the underdog doesn't lose. He may get discouraged but he never fails to see his superior to fall before him. I understand that if this country wants to survive it will strive to show the rest of the world that American might comes in cunning and ruthless warfare and political deception. Being that it is understood between the two of us that this government of mine is very insecure and resorts to defensive mechanisms to free it's self of guilt and suffering. Like a common bully in school, the American political and miltary propaganda machine is just a show of disgusting and disgraceful force. The daisy cutters, the MOAB, and the uranium shells are three perfect examples of America's hypocritical stance on weapons of mass destruction. They use what ever they can that isn't yet considered a WMD so they can in effect, get away with it. Which is exactly what they do. These weapons are still illegal. Yet no one stops them.

Who will??? Bin Laden??? Please. He can't do much cause he doesn't know much. He is too driven on religious indoctrination to care about the truths, cause all that comes out of his mouth are lies. Anyways, the point is that every since Atoms For Peace, we have had a world-wide black market for illicit arms deals and increasingly more weaponized projects.

Those who look into US black projects will find that the infamous MK-Ultra project was the godmother of several other projects that went crazy and eventually, "disappeared". That is probably what they want you to think and that is also all part of the mind control. Not to mention the mind control in the first place was and had been implimented into the minds of the human race since, or even before the ideas of of any God-like thing ever existed. That type of mind control is done through magnetic field of vibrational energy, the energy that makes up matter. The MK-Ultra Project was just another decoy. The real projects were in human robots, not mind controlled, but conditioned and trained robot radicals. This is all for control. The masses can't fight something of this scale. If they could take clones and breed them at reletively decent pace and with good results, they could conquer all who oppose them. This is what the men in power want, to stay in power. The power is eating them alive. They are fools in the eyes of powerless men, yet men who obviously are a little more asserting. Once again those who will do good can't do anything in a world where gun rule is the ruler.

posted on Mar, 13 2003 @ 04:01 AM
And by a wayn BenLaden use the same technic than CIA :
He hypnotised his terrorist by taking poor arabians guys, he told 'em that they'll have a better life, in heaven if they do what he want.

posted on Mar, 13 2003 @ 04:13 AM
The indoctrination of the religious radicals from the Wahhab sect have deplored and raped the mind's and images of the Arab people and the Arab World. Such hatred was just down right stubborn. The radical Wahhab sect wasn't the first to use such religious glorification to justify murderous acts of terror and political blackmail. The Assasins were another group in the 1100-1300's. They were driven by dreams of 70 virgins waiting for them in paradise, if they did the "deed of Allah's will" so to speak. Those who did not die in their act of jihad would be sacrificed. Mind control has lived longer than we have.

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