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Comet NEAT and China earthquake

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posted on Feb, 24 2003 @ 08:08 PM
China Earthquake Kills Over 250, And Counting...02/24/03
by Mitch Battros (ECTV)
A 6.3 earthquake hit near southern Xinjiang, China late last night killing at least 250 people. Rescuers on the scene believe the fatality count will rise as the rescue workers begin to clear the damage. The official Xinhua news agency said it had a magnitude of 6.8, while the US Geological Survey said it measured 6.3 magnitude.

A "swarm" of earthquakes have hit southern California over the last two days. It started on February 19th with a 2.9 mag. No less than 15 quakes have occurred since the first one, the largest of which has registered 4.8 mag.

Volcanic activity has escalated since February 18th. New Activity/Unrest: | Lokon-Empung, Indonesia | Nyiragongo, D.R. Congo| Ongoing Activity: | Etna, Italy | Kilauea, USA | Kliuchevskoi, Russia | Popocatpetl, Mxico | Santa Mara, Guatamala
| Shiveluch, Russia | Soufrire Hills, Montserrat | Tungurahua, Ecuador | Veniaminof, USA |

One would have to ask the question..."Does the current escalation in earthquake activity and volcanism have a connection with Comet "C/2002 V1" flyby near the Sun?" I will leave the answer up to you.

It appears NASA removed Feb. 18 2003 SOHO photo of comet "C/2002 V1" flyby. It would also appear our American Space Agencies are stating "no comment" to new evidence indicating the photo showing a CME chasing the comet was turned upside down. This means the CME (coronal mass ejection) was Earth bound.

An intuitive notion told me to save this photo to my hard drive. So I did. I had a feeling Nasa would take it down, and they did.

(See Attached Photo At Bottom of Page)

Tonight on ECTV "Radio Hour" (Feb. 24th)

My guest will be Adam Rubel and Zoraida Palacios:

Adam (27) and Zoraida (31) are co-directors of Saq Be: Organization for Mayan and Indigenous Spiritual Studies, a non-profit
organization committed to supporting the efforts of Indigenous communities in the rescue and preservation of their ancient
traditions including sciences, medicines, culture and spirituality. Saq Be also works to open doors of opportunity for those
communities and keepers of ancient traditions to share their teachings with the world, especially young adults. The organization
is primarily focused on working with the highland Maya of Guatemala whose traditions and knowledge run deep, including the
complete knowledge of the twenty sacred calendars, healing and medicinal practices, prophecies and the Mayan cosmovision;
which have survived in tact throughout the centuries and presently face threats from the forces of globalization and fundamentalist
churches. Mayan Ajqij and elders consider the times in which we are living to be of great significance and of great
transformation. Considering this, in 2000, Adam and Zoraida were asked by Ajqij in Guatemala to open doors for the Mayan
priest and elders to transmit their knowledge directly to the world and to identify support for their efforts to rescue and preserve
their ancient ways. This eventually led to the formation of Saq Be. Adam and Zoraida also hold a strong interest in addressing
issues of decolonization as a way to open the capacity of modern civilization to better receive the ancient teachings.


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Mitch Battros
Producer - Earth Changes TV

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posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 07:44 AM

I would direct your attention to the above link, the direct link to the flux magnetometer reading from the University of Alaska, which monitors realtime the emissions from the HAARP facility at Gakona Alaska.

Starting at noon of Feb 15, 2003, (about the time our weather nationally started acting wierd) there is a series of very sizeable emissions from HAARP. These emissions increase in output through out the week, up through Feb 18, and up until yesterday (Feb 24). All emissions take place at or immediately after 12:00 noon, Pacific Standard Time. This is noon in Gakona Alaska, obviously. The significance of this is that the sun is immediately overhead during the times that these emissions take place.

Emissions would have begun before Comet NEATS arrival, as it would take some lead time to build up enough harmonic resonance in something the size of the sun to create a CME large enough to affect an orbital body... as Byrd pointed out, the sun is a very large object. Keep in mind, these emissions are likely well into the gigawatt range of output, and as I have mentioned before, we have 4 HAARP facilities in the US, and numerous others owned by foreign governments. I would assume that as the Earths rotation carries each facility around to its respective noontime, each facility is releasing a similar burst of radiation.

Also of interest, you may note according to the magnetometer readings, that emissions have ceased on Feb 24.... this is most likely because comet NEAT has emerged from the far side of the sun, and is no longer close enough to be influenced by any solar event.

For those of you who are concerned, I would forecast improving weather conditions across the nation, if not globally in the next 48-72 hours, if HAARP emissions remain turned down. Also, likely a cessation of seismic activity, at least for a while.

We can only hope that HAARP lived up to the expectations its users had, and it has done something to divert the comets trajectory. I believe it likely would have, as the comet has lost most of its volatiles, (hence, it is not producing a tail), and in comets, typically the volatiles make up at least 60-75% of the mass. However, the projected HAARP mission could not have been totally successful, as the comet did in fact survive its perihelion largely intact, and was observed yesterday making its outbound departure from the sun.

We can only hope that the power that be, really do know what the hell they are doing.... For me at least, this is by far the scariest aspect of the entire situation.

posted on Feb, 25 2003 @ 08:40 AM

Please check out this page, Japanese, not shut down by Nasa (yet).... Scroll to the bottom, Feb 28th, redevous with comet NEAT 2002/V1....

Anyone taking bets????


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