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Chia Obama? Humanity Depends On Your Television Set

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 06:58 PM
Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and girls, I have come to the realization that our humanity is not dependent on our view or our vote. Our choices do not form from our critical thinking skills or our intelligence. Our very future is not brought forth by the ideals of our respected peers nor is it in the interest of our children. No, our future, choices and the interests of our children for far to long have been guided, constructed and established by that which we all hold so dear. The object which we turn to when we are sad, happy, bored or even afraid. The very object that we turn to when we need guidance or wish to gain knowledge of world events. Our television set.

In the past what we watched on the TV needed to appeal to the population. Its news announcers and commercials and everyday programs were delivered in an intelligent way so it would slowly gain the confidence of it's viewers. Despite this tactic there were still many old timers who would say what we consider today old silly sayings like “That box is going to rot your brains”. Yet in today age we are so emerged so hopelessly dependent on our television set that The programmers need not even lie to us, even worse they tell us exactly what they are doing to us.

Oddly enough this commercial tells us exactly what all those grumpy old men have been saying for years. Except now we think it'

As you can see the Internet created a portal for knowledge much like the creation of the Television did. An much like the Television the Internet is slowly being turned into an even greater means for brain mushing.

Obama Chia pet? need I say more.......*Facepalm*

This is a warning. Na, this is an opportunity. If we for once would listen to the ramblings of old dried up grumps and understand that if we ever wish for our humanity to truly depend on our hands we must take that responsibility from our TV.



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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 08:37 PM
Could NOT agree more!

Just about everything that box feeds us is nothing but the worst kind of mind-numbing garbage!

Especially for parents who use it as the baby-sitter (now I don't have children...for good reason...and understand being a parent is hard, life-long work) and just park the kid in front of Spongebob and hope for the best!

I'm not innocent...I do enjoy a few schedualed pragrams. Mainly UFO docu's, Metalocalypse, Squidbillies, SG-U...that kind of mind-numbing thing.
But I also know when to turn the thing OFF!

I know when its time to go (dare I say) OUTSIDE!
Fishing, Hunting (Of course it'd be ice-fishing and, at the moment). or maybe read a book instead of watching TV. Hell...WRITE a book!

I know well-read people who won't read a sentence to their child. Just let Spongebob do the talkin'!
Is that kid gonna grow up to be weird and shoot up his school because he's not accepted by his peers for being the yellow, absorbant, porus and gay sponge he THINKS he is?

A world where sponge evolved from MAN? GODD*MN YOU ALL TO HELL!!!!

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 08:41 PM
We all remember tiptoeing from our rooms early in the morning to watch all the saturday morning cartoon.

Like Eek The Cat, The Terrible Thunder Lizards, Beakman's World, Bill Nye the Science Guy, Reading Rainbow, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and so many others.

And today I look at the cartoons my little 6 year old nephew watches and I feel like throwing a brick at the TV. The cartoons today really suck and just teach you to be a really good smart butt or even worse a total whore!!

I don't have kids but I would rather let kids watch violent Anime cartoons that at least try to teach a moral lesson though trauma than let a little girl watch Bratz.

The detrimental evolution of cartoons helps me see the detrimental evolution of Television in general.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 08:51 PM
reply to post by Prof. Skrewloose

Oh yeah I too enjoy several shows.

But if you notice any really good show that sparks an alternative view from what is considered "policy" barely makes it to a second season.

Like the show Firefly. Firefly has to be one of the greatest shows ever made, it was even granted funding for a major move after it's cancellation due to it's following and demand. Yet still it was canceled.

I have not had a TV in about 5 years now but the other day I was at my dads house and that Chia pet Obama commercial came on and I, seriously for a few seconds, thought I had literally lost my mind.

posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 09:13 PM
Oh yeah..."Serenity" is one of the coolest flicks ever! Deserving of a couple sequals I think!
Even the new "V" is pretty good.

I'v often wondered if there isn't warring factions of television executives. Some want to make shows of substance, with a message...while the other wants to stupify the masses!

And like you said. Childrens programming now is just HORRIBLE! It thrives on whats fashionable, whats cool. Where's He-Man when we need him? Hopefully looking for some clothes haha.

But kid's shows now just want to turn kids into back-talking, disrespectful little A-holes, and make our daughters into Paris Hilton! These are people who should be shot....not praised and idolized!

I'm glad somebody else recognizes this! I've argued this point to people for a long time and only got told I had no clue what I'm talking about.
"You don't have don't understand!" I understand kids should be taught morals...not snappy come-backs, or the latest dances.
They should be taught to see the world for what it is...not what TV and the heads of media want them to see!

Even wrestling (which has always been a joke) is nothing like it used to be. Wheres the Hulkster I grew up with? Telling me to eat my veggies, and do my homework, brother! Now its roids and sluts! And lets not forget UFC....thats turned into some of the most unintelligent tripe ever!

Its devolving humanity! Then Alec Baldwin and Seth McFarlane will eat our brains! And we don't want that! Do we?

posted on Nov, 23 2009 @ 12:52 AM

Originally posted by Prof. Skrewloose

I'v often wondered if there isn't warring factions of television executives. Some want to make shows of substance, with a message...while the other wants to stupify the masses!

It's funny you say this.

There are many agendas being passed through movies. You have the anti-pharm guys who usually make Zombie movies. Then there's the end of the world pushers. Then you have Disney with the "wish upon a stare anything can happen". The "you are in a prison of your mind" guys like the makers of the Matrix and V for vendetta.

And then the brain mushers who have everything else.

But when it comes to TV we all just really need to turn that damned thing off.

posted on Dec, 26 2009 @ 06:29 AM

I could Philosophize about this all day long. We should have listened to our elders in the past but because we are young we are more headstrong and think we know more, and they already realize that as well. We think we own the world when we are younger and can do what we want.

We don't need grandpa or grandma that we are going to get fat from sitting around all day, eating to much, or watching t.v.. I haven't watched in a year now, it has gotten to boring for me and dull. There is nothing to learn on tv. I may watch television channels such as, Tech TV, Science, Military, Discovery, and History channels because I can learn things from them but that's about it.

Chia Obama....... I am disappointed. Where is this world going to? Our elders were right our brains will rot from watching that dumb box all day as well as lose some eyesight and get fat.

Now I just sit on my laptop in my spare time to find out the truth and learn as much as I can. I also go workout when I get time to keep active. Got to stay healthy and get all those terrible chemicals out of your system and negativity out, as well as anger.

You know? Release all of that pent up stress and anger in your body don't sit around and watch the box. Do something creative something you can cherish for a life time. You can't cherish these stupid commercials.

And while I am still on it the movies they come out with now a days are so horrible. They look so good in the previews. Some movies have good messages hidden in them. Avatar has a good hidden message. Should check that out by the way
. Hints out how corrupt and Corporatized/Monopolized our government really is.

But movies have such lame endings or so many things in them like that can't really happen in life. Movies aren't professional anymore. They are more aimed for teenagers and kids instead of adults.

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