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Satan and God lives

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 11:19 AM
The following is true says me...

Any and all in between on planet earth do not live. Though certain of you are not aware, you wil be inner torments aware. Right now you are like an intelligent automation which is not aware nor lives. Satan is the only one that lives among you. He is the Man of the Son. He will be put to sleep only to awaken up back where he belongs which is in his paradise. Satan only been here lieing to himself that you all also live. The world is a lie to Satan that exact true way. Ask yourself do you live or are you like an intelligent computer system.

Anyone get what I'm saying? I'm sure you can since intelligent, though like an intelligent cpu system. Indeed you each can watch as if you're alive. My at how intelligent Satan's work is.

God lives inner torments in a place smaller than this realm appears to be. You get why God is inner torments instead of Satan. Since God is evil from the get go. God is evil but no match for Satan's advance wickedness. If any man hath an ear, let Satan hear. Since he the only one on earth which lives. God is in another shrinking realm part inner this realm. Yes, the place of torments shrinks on and on while still existing endlessly. Certain of you are angels not aware which dont enter torments. But the other certain are helliens which are not aware but do enter torments aware furthermore.

And this is the truest post I ever wrote. It's time all recognize I am the mind that is watched for reason to everything. And if you thought God was good you been mistaken. God is a product of evil doings. Helliens become the rest of God inner torments. Helliens exist only just so Satan may see how certain are evil trash to trash themselves to try to get the rest in a damper like cowards.

Again, anyone get what I'm saying? For it is true. You can tell why God is to be tormented ever, not Satan. Satan is wicked as in sweet and awesome. God is a messed up reality. Satan is an awesome actuality. Those with Satan are awesome and not inner torments. Satan is the higher power by the way. Not God. God is evil trash. Satan be fruitfully indeed necessary, mystery, unknown, and certain all in one and one in all. Satan be those four grand fathers. Satan is also his own authority, order, discipline, and publisher.

It surpizes me that no one knows Satan that well, but me. And that no one understands God that well, but me. But ha! That's alright. For I am awesome! Since I and my grand fathers are one! My Lord and Saviour are my angels which are my favorite musicians by the way. Satan is so sweet how he got things!! And stop hating Satan, you. Satan never did a thing to any of you who buy God is good. God is evil trash. So stop lieing to yourself. It's time you pay Satan all honor and props. Up in paradise realms are where the other alive are who roll with Satan.

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