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A Little Reminder...

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 05:26 AM
This thread is to be seen as a little intermission from the regular bashing.
A moment to think back and get some perspective.
I don't intend in this first post to include any links or in-depth explainations, I'll just assume that you know what I mean. Otherwise, I'll happily discuss it further on.

I would like, on behalf of the people of Western Europe, to give thanks to the USA for the help you brought us after the second World War.
I would like to thank the senior people of USA for the efforts you did in restoring our devestated continent.
These thanks should also be on behalf of the Japanese people who suffered greatly from the awesome destructive powers of the American war-machine.

You saved us from so much horror, and you saved us from repeating what caused the war in first place; total economical collapse and all that follows it. If it wasn't such famine and lawlessness in Germany following the first World War, due to the unfair and inhumane agreements set by those who prevailed, the National Socialists would never have reached power. You prevented that to happen once more by sending billions of dollars, machinery, cattle, food and coal to the suffering masses of a scorched existance.
You reaced out to your former enemies, the Germans and the Japanese and gave us a second chance- something you should not regret.

I know that there might be breeding ground for conspriacies in these actions; that you did this to implement future influence, but the alternative would have been much worse and the conspiracies sorrounding that must be considered separatly

Looking at maps over France, Britian, Greece, Italy, Japan and (foremost) Germany just as the war ended, the situation was near post-apocalyptic.
All infrastructure was in total devestation, entire cities lay in ruins, millions of people were dead.
But you acted raplidly, you did all you could. You gambled your own economy in this investments, but you did well! Everything turned out to be a huge benefit for the US, both economic and humane.

I'd venture to say that most conspiracies, such as Operation Paperclip, came as a side-effect to these actions and they must be viewed outside this statement. The American workers who provided us with all the help knew nothing about any future events, plans or shady motives.

The Axis stood up against the Allies, they waged war upon them. People took up arms and fought for what they believed in. They did sow wind and they sure reaped storm. There was much cruelty brought upon civilians, cruelties exercised by all sides, but even how blatant it might sound; war is war and the times where like they were.

So, before you feel like biting the hand that fed you (which there is more than one reason for when looking upon how the situation and the world has evolved since then) please remember that the whole of Europe would have fallen to Communism or worse extremism if it wouldn't have been to the USA and the massive aid they provided.
Thank you for saving us. We would never have been where we are today if it wasn't for you. Sadly, you didn't save all of us. Half the continent fell into Soviet hands, but I am sure that if you could, you'd save all of us.
The ones who fell did not do so in vain.
Thank you, infinite thanks.


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