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The Smart Way to Swine Flu

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posted on Nov, 22 2009 @ 02:41 AM
The general conception of the swine flu conspiracy is that the flu itself is a hoax, or not that much of a threat and that the danger lies in the vaccine which is either poisonous or contains a RFid chip etc...

Now, while this would indeed be a good way to kill a lot of people and/or RFid chip them or whatever the plan is, there is another and better way for the nwo to get rid of their opposition if they indeed intend to take control of the the world.

1) Create a fake disease panic (done)

2) Create the rumor of the vaccine being deadly (done)

3) The vaccine isn't deadly or chipped, but is actually a real vaccine for a completely different virus that is yet to be unleashed.

This way all the people who know about the NWO and the swine flu hoax, will not take this supposedly bad vaccine. Then some time later after all the sheeple have taken the vaccine, the nwo could release the real disease that the vaccine was actually for. And so, all the people who know about the nwo (all of us who are not going to take the upcoming vaccinations) or would oppose them are gone and the nwo is left with people who will gladly believe anything they're told, who can be killed and chipped or whatever.

This is merely a possibility but indeed I think it would be a smarter way to execute this type of take over, they by exposing themselves, expose the ones who would oppose them. That way all this "leaked" information is actually beneficial to them. They want us to know, because they know that a few million of us surfing the net isn't going to hurt their plan, but actually help, because it helps to know who your enemies are.

I don't know if there is any information pointing to such a plan, other than that I personally think it would be a even trickery and possibly more effective, and that if I can come up with it than the elite probably can too. But if you have any ideas as to why they would or wouldn't do it that way, let me hear about them.


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