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The Omega Files - Truth?

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 03:51 AM

The Omega Files - Truth?

they can be found here:



for those of you that didnt read them yet, i advise you to do it, especially if you are a UFO researcher...

For those who are not "UFO Abductees", the information in this file is nevertheless vital and applicable, and may one day save your life!!! If you believe that information about "Aliens" is only for those who have lost all touch with reality, then PLEASE accept that information in this document that you CAN accept, and pass over the rest, at least for now. Your future may depend on it. As I have said, this information may save your life. This file contains the most intricate and intimate details of a global conspiracy which seems to be rooted in an alien - military - industrial collaboration which is intent on bringing all freedom-loving peoples of this world under its control, through the implementation of a global government which has commonly been referred to as the 'New World Order'. We have pulled no punches and are laying everything out on the table in regards to the New World Order agenda as I and those who have contributed to this document perceive it. If you are one who is easily offended, then be warned. Most of you who read this will realize that you may have personally supported in one form or another -- albeit unknowingly -- certain religious, economic, or political organizations which are on various levels being controlled by those forces that are working towards the implementation of the New World Order.

1939 -- Operation Canned Meat begins, where the Germans stage an incident at the Polish border as a prelude to the invasion. As a result of newly acquired technology, the German scientific effort is pushed forward by leaps and bounds, and is developed at several underground research facilities at Reinickendorf, Kummersdorf and Thuringia. The earliest "pilotless aircraft" were produced in 1934, and had some moderate degree of success. The United States was quite aware of the German technical progress and sent an American named Wilson to Germany to "give technical assistance" and generally to keep an eye on German technology. It was probably by virtue of Wilson that the Germans never used their [anti] gravitational craft en mass in the war, for Wilson attained a high position in the German technical community, and switched propulsion methods from gravitational to advanced jet propulsion in an apparent effort to "get technology out there to fight the war". Because of this, German gravitational research remained in the labs and stayed in the R&D [Research & Development] phase until around 1941, when the Schriever/Miethe designs were successfully tested. It was clearly a situation where the war was going on faster than the Germans could technically develop their designs. Hampered by sabotage and deliberate technical misguidance from Wilson, as well as delays in metallurgical research which didn't result in an acceptable alloy of magnesium and aluminum until 1944, the Germans could only continue to harass allied pilots with the 'fireballs', pilotless craft developed and used since 1942 which emitted electrical fields that interfered with the operation of aviation engines.

there is a mention about NAZI UFOs..

One of Martin Bormann's last messages from the bunker in Berlin to Doenitz mentioned Tierra del Fuego... A book called "America's Aircraft Year Book" tells about the U.S. using captured German scientists at Ft. Bliss and Wright Field. "Among those in the German group at Wright Field were Rudolph Hermann, Alexander Lippsisch, Heinz Schmitt, Helmut Heinrich, and Fritz Doblhoff and Ernst Kugel. Hermann was attached to the Peenemunde Research Station for Aerodynamics, where Germany's V-2 rockets were hatched and launched against England. A specialist in supersonics, he was in charge of the supersonic wind tunnel at Kochel in the Bavarian Alps. He also was a member of the group entrusted with Hitler's futuristic plans to establish a space-station rocket-refueling base revolving as a satellite about the Earth at a distance of 4,000 miles -- a scheme which he and certain high-ranking AAF officers in 1947 still believed to be feasible." Later evidence shows that most or all of the [air] craft and 'flying saucer' scientists (who were not captured - Branton) disappeared. The available evidence indicates they went to South America or Antarctica. The "El Mercurio" and "Der Weg" papers told of a large submarine convoy discovered by the British Navy at the end of WW II. All available Allied units engaged the convoy and were totally destroyed except for the Captain of one destroyer, who was reported as saying, "May God help me, may I never again encounter such a force." On July 10, 1945, more than two months after the end of the War, the German submarine U-530 surrendered to Argentine authorities. The Commander was Otto Wermoutt. The sub had a crew of 54 men [the normal sub crew was 18 men] and the cargo consisted of 540 barrels of cigarettes and unusually large stocks of food. The Commander was 25 years old, the second officer was 22, and the crew was an average of 25 except for one man who was 32 years old.

in one part, they mention underground bases made by US Navy...


Omega files are really interesting, they cover much more than just UFOs, but they cover the whole NWO/Alien/Illuminati topic...

but...can ALL of the statements in the Omega files be true?


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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 10:34 AM
ooooh goody more religious lunacy.. cant wait to see. Well atleast christian looneys left the compounds, weapons arsinals and all the sex with kids in these compounds to do something more creative with their lunacy. To become straight conspiracy nut jobs and blame all on the masons. Wow. who would have thought a fund raising group for charity could be so evil.. dirty masons. All the other religious nuts out there from other religions are still in compounds

yeah just watched..... you have got to be kidding. You dont really think the videos are real do you? Then again deejay.. you have always been rather inquisitive, so I hope this is something you are wondering about and not believing..... over half of this seems to have been filmed in old NAZI base camps, hoover dam, and the entrance with all the people in what looked to be a cave. thats definitely not stone in Nevada, or New Mexico. that was granite and clay. thats more rockies. its definitely not norad or cheyenne mountain, so lets look further east. On the East coast of the US there are sites exactly like that that arent classified, they are monitoring offices, and administration offices that have something to do with the department of transportation. you see these cave like offices in tunnels carved out of mountain face and what not. very common, very public, and in no way classified. I do however like the flooded prison shots. and the boat super imposed on the cave floor though. that was a cute touch.

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posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:00 PM
Havnt read the Omega files yet but those vids are pure crap..

They're obviously someones opinion and speculations and also someone who cant use grammer very well either.

posted on Nov, 21 2009 @ 12:06 PM
I've come to find in the UFO field, if you have to ask "is this true?' then chances are it probably isn't.

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