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Stimulus job numbers are inflated... surprised?

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 09:27 AM
And this is just in Georgia. Now someone needs to pick-up the ball and run with the investigation on a national-scale.

Recipients of federal stimulus dollars have overstated the number of jobs created or saved in Georgia by more than 1,500, according to an Atlanta Journal-Constitution analysis of public records.

Whitley said the formula federal officials told him to use for calculating jobs is “convoluted.”

“I called Washington. And I talked to a young man up there and he seemed as confused as I was,” Whitley said, “but he was at the help desk. ... He said, ‘I would put the number of people who got the raise.’ And that is what I did.”

Link to full article

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 09:55 AM
Most federal employees don't have a clue. I know from first hand experience that the bureaucracy involved in many of their jobs overwhelm them and because of this, they simply do not have the time (or, honestly, the knowledge) to do their jobs properly. This is fact.

Federal officials have said since the jobs information was posted last month that they don’t believe it is 100 percent accurate. They said they released it to the public to make the spending as transparent as possible. They have asked the public to point out any errors and help police the spending.

Honestly, I don't think most of it is deception on the federal workers' part, just ineptness. The policy makers, however, are a totally different story. They are all about politics. I know this from 20 years of first hand experience dealing with them.

Unfortunately, these are the people who will be administering your health insurance soon...

Edit add: And no, this does not surprise me, one little bit.

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