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Hypnotic Influence on Dreams?

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 07:47 AM
Has anyone had a dream where his or her personality is something completely different from real/conscious life? How many have been to, say, a high school assembly, where a hypnotist made someone or several people believe they're a chicken or whatever animal, and then the hypnotized subjects proceeded to move about and act in the way whatever animal would? Is it possible that, in dreams where one's personality is VERY different from what he or she really is, that there's a hypnotic process responsible? If so, is it strictly a self-hypnosis upon or after falling asleep, or could there possibly be an outside influence, even just occasionally? If the latter is true, it would then be possible to be hypnotized while asleep, which I've never heard of, instead of the familiar starting of the process while awake.

I've had a few dreams in the last few months where I'm a military man - in either the US Army or Navy, but also Air Force, going back even farther. Trust me that that role couldn't be more different from who/what I am. I maintain, for example, that American freedoms, SINCE WW2, have been the product strictly of the teachings of more enlightened minds, not warfare or whatever nefarious government-military skullduggery. I don't support the existence of the Black Budget and am most vehemently against secrecy-based government(s) in general etc. The military dreams/nightmares produce only the biggest imaginable, or unimaginable, WTF! factor in me.

Is it possible that, if the radical personality change in my dreams is a form of hypnosis, and if the hypnotist isn't me or my own mind, that I'm a victim of a government-military mind control program or experiment? Could the slimy, Spookified muthatruckers ACTUALLY have the ability to invade others' dreams?!! I mean, since they're the ones who invented remote viewing (assuming it's not a complete crock), I guess it's at least conceivable... Or could the hypnotic invasion, if applicable, possibly be the product of more advanced, yet malevolent aliens who are aligned with or in favor of the current power structure?

I have a substantial history of unexplained experiences (of which I don't discuss publicly), and am fairly vocal on the subject of higher consciousness, so it seems I would be a prime candidate to be f-ed with by the (secretive by definition, seen or unseen) PTB. That's not saying I definitely have been victimized as such, but I just wanted to get this particular nonsense that's been happening off my chest, for whatever it's worth.

Has anyone else had a similar, or perhaps identical, dream experience?

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posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 09:47 AM

Originally posted by Dean Goldberry
Is it possible that, ...

All is possible. One thing you probably want to consider is how much emotions did you experience in such dreams, or if they were they just visions and no emotions.

Did you notice this other thread: Dream Subliminals

posted on Nov, 15 2009 @ 11:44 AM
reply to post by dzonatas

Definitely emotions. There's always an undercurrent of anxiety (along with the overall strangeness or creepiness), or the sense that something is not right, sometimes more strongly so than other times, so the personality change is never 100%, but it's too close for comfort. Am checking out the Dream Subliminals thread. Looks interesting so far, though I don't know if it gets into the idea of direct, most literal hypnosis (if applicable in my or anyone's case).

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