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MMA fighters you like, but don't know why

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:59 PM
This is a thread about mma fighters that you like, but can't provide an explanation as to why. These don't even have to be good fighters, just ones you find yourself rooting for.

Brandon Vera- (fights today) I can't figure out why I like him. He is cocky, and fairly mouthy. He's good, but I just want him to win period. Do I want him to beat Couture? Hell no. The 'Natural' is one of few fighters I will never root against.

Roy "Big Country" Nelson- This guy is fat. I remember when I first saw him fighting in the IFL. I laughed, but I wanted the fat bastard to win. On this seasons The Ultimate Fighter he is a cocky, unimpressive, fat moron but he keeps winning. I want him to win out, no matter how lack luster it is. Also, I secretly want Dana White to cry. White hates Nelson and no one expects him to win.

I want Nelson to win TUF while at the same time having no notable performances just to annoy Dana White. \\

Anyone else have some strange preferences?

edit: Wes Sims as well. He is goofy as crap, and he's a terrible fighter and a terrible sport (Frank Mir stomp). There is no reason to like him as a fighter but I root for him every chance I get.

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