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"2013" The TV series based on "2012" Film in the works.

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 06:47 PM

Roland Emmerich, director of the disater movie 2012, has confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that a TV show based on the 2012 movie is already in development. Mark Gordon, exec for 2012 movie, is on board to executive produce. More about the show after the jump. “The plan is that it is 2013 and it’s about what happens after the disaster,” Emmerich told EW. “It is about the resettling of Earth. That is very, very fascinating.” Emmerich added that he thinks the show “will focus on a group of people who survived but not on the boats… maybe they were on a piece of land that was spared or one that became an island in the process of the crust moving.” EW says that Gordon is rumored to be in talks with ABC for the disaster drama. Gordon said: “After the movie, there are some people who survive and the question is how will these survivors build a new world and what will it look like. That might make an interesting TV series.” Source: Entertainment Weekly


posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 07:50 PM
I would watch that. It sounds like a good background story.

I saw the movie today and it was pretty good. I love disaster movies and the critics always pan them but I enjoy them regardless.

posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 08:18 PM
I'm sure to give this show a watch. I hope it fares better than Jericho did.
I enjoyed Jericho and there was much more that could have happened in the story line, but, it got cancelled, then the network had pity on us few viewers who protested and at least gave us six more episodes to bring some sort of closure.

With the increasing improvement in special effects, disaster movies are much more interesting than the days of Airport 77 and such movies. With all the hype about 2012 and the Mayan calendar, the imaginations of scriptwriters can run wild and this is truly entertaining to me.

I'm looking forward to seeing the sometimes hinted at X Files movie concerning 2012. I hope it doesn't disappoint me like the last couple of seasons of X Files did.
Agent Reyes had the ability to "see" events by touching objects, but the scriptwriters failed to follow up on this ability. Without Mulder, the series was doomed to failure.

I think the success of a 2013 series could be great if the writers and producers don't allow it to succumb to "soap opera" type storylines.

posted on Nov, 16 2009 @ 02:57 PM
Hm, Emmerichs last "own" show, "The visitor" didn't last very long and I recall he was anything but happy about what they made of "Stargate" in TV... he hated it, although it was very very successful.
But if 2013 is is own production and not some FOX or NBC project, maybe it will be really good, who knows. I think he's a great director. Of course he makes popcorn movies... but people know that. And if you wanna see some character based movies you simply know you have to see some other film.

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