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Boobs Win! Regrowing Breasts after Mastectomy

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posted on Nov, 14 2009 @ 04:19 PM
Title is a little crude, but it gets to the point quickly .

Original Article Here

Australian scientists have developed a surgical technique that may allow cancer-suffering women to regrow their breasts after having a mastectomy, with human trials planned to start within three to six months.

The procedure involves inserting a breast-shaped chamber, containing a sample of the woman's fat tissue, under the chest skin. A blood vessel is then connected to the fat tissue allowing it to grow to fill the chamber within six to eight months.

I'm sure a lot of female breast-cancer survivors and their spouses will be happy to read this. If they will succeed in regrowing body-parts this way, it will be very good news to people who have lost their limbs. It's probably far into the future, but at least we see it is finally coming!

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