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Would they hurry up and invade already?

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 09:49 PM
Just a typical day. Thinking it could be a lot worse, I grab my laptop, on which the attached screen has just magically started working again after at least a one year hiatus. Waiting patiently for the next day, I browse the web, looking at the same things over and over... ATS, CNN... knowing that something big is bound to happen sometime.

Unfortunately, my comfort does not last long, as a highly uncomfortable sound emanates from my nose. "Ok", I think. "It's done a lot worse than that". Then again, the uncomfortable sensation as the horrible sound comes out again. After the third or fourth time, I realize it's just going to keep going, so I have to pull my head up.

It's pretty amazing. You have folks with satelite dishes pointed at the cosmos, looking for "aliens". They listen for alien conversation, and when they hear static, they proclaim "we have not found the aliens, so we are alone in the universe!" When they walk outside, they see nothing out of the ordinary. Everyone looks human, so everyone must be from this "dimension", this year, this month, and this day. All the cars driving by look familiar... all of their surroundings appear familiar, so nothing to worry about, right?

Well, hey, I can't convince them otherwise. I mean, where is my evidence? I can point at this guy, that chic, but without proof it is just being "paranoid". Those awful sounds emanating from random body parts are just imaginary. Any aliens I may have sighted are imaginary, too.

Ok, so my point is?

That attack on Iran is getting ever so closer by the day. Folks, from the El Baradei (sp?) dood to the French Prime Minister describe it as a "global catastrophe". Some say it spells the end of the United States. Some say the US would wind up using nuclear weapons. Regardless, it sounds like a starting of the ending type of scenario.

From the sound of it, an attack on Iran sounds like just the thing to wake up the masses. It almost sounds like something of biblical proportions... It evens has the religious overtones, with the Mooslims fighting against the Christians and the Joos. It's got all the basic ingredients for apocalypse.

Yeah, I know there are alot of blind folks on ATS that think that America and Israel are all powerful, and that they can just waltz into Iran with ground forces, and the Iranian government will crumble and the people will greet the crusaders as liberators, throwing rose petals at their feet.

So in that case, this is for the logical thinkers. Would an invasion of Iran wake up the world? Or would they fall into a deeper, darker sleep that they will never awake from?

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 10:40 PM
When yu said: "Would they hurry and invade already" I thought you were meaning an Alien invasion. But this is interesting too. As for waking the world? Eh, no... Does "The 3 Years of Darkness" mean anything to you? Howabout the 3 days of Darkness? You know, when everyone 'sleeps' through a major event and only a chosen handful are awake to see things happen? Strange right? Anyhow, i dont really know what to say, just that USA is on the edge of a knife, its power is nolonger balanced, its crumbling into a sea, freedom will go along with it. USA has one foot in the grave so to speak, War in Afghanland over the persuit of oil.. Or IS IT? The war on terrorism? A war to protect our freedom.. Really? Its gone on far too long, nomatter what the war is over, and we're making little to no headway. Instead of fighting other countries, we need to deal with the problem WITHIN OUR Country, all the gang crime, terrorism from our OWN citizens, drug and gun-running, child pornography, animal abuse, and all the other major problems within this country from our OWN people. This is the reason USA is on the brink of collapse.

War in a Foreign country (Or Countries) right now is merely a distraction from the real problem this Country has with ITSELF. Our Government sucks, our education system sucks, our food sucks (Because its so delicious that its making us all obese and perhaps thats why the Earth is drifting closer to the sun) Our Police suck, our money situation sucks, our past two presidents Sucked, the UFO disclosure situation sucks, and all the jobs that are still available to actual Americans all SUCK! So any war declared on USA from a Foreign country isnt against us or our freedom, its against the Stupidity. They hate our last President, they hate our government, they hate stupid Americans, but they dont hate our freedom. Why does the media always get that wrong? Is it because everyone is so convinced that USA is so great and will always be so perfect and other countries are just jealous? Like a bunch of teenage girls who think perfection is why everyone else hates them?
Anyhow, my point is a global catastrophe will not open everyone's eyes, it really depends on the NATURE of the catastrophe. But nomatter the nature, it will only be another excuse to ignore the real issues, just a great big conveinient distraction. The entire world needs a wakeup call, not just one country or the other, there are problems allover that everyone tries to ignore instead of resolve, WHY? Because starting a distracting war is much easier than using Brainpower to come up with a sollution that really WORKS to solve a problem. Thats it. Humans are not the most intelligent species in the galaxy or even on this planet, the truth is, theyre the 3rd stupidest, next to the Bonobo-chimps, and the lemming (Which i heard is Truly Nature's Retard)

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 11:56 PM
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posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 03:43 PM
reply to post by Tyxquarra Xxxendra HoTTch

and the lemming (Which i heard is Truly Nature's Retard)

If you're referring to them jumping off cliffs- It's false. Lemmings don't really leap off cliffs to kill themselves- only to get to the sea. Disney hoaxed the whole thing back in the day by showing lemmings jumping off cliffs in their mock 'nature documentary'

What they did, was purposely herd them off a cliff, just for a show and the whole myth grew from then on when in actuality lemmings, when they do jump off a 'cliff' (more like a ledge) it's to fall to the sea, from where they swim until they possibly die while they migrate.

posted on Nov, 11 2009 @ 10:28 PM
reply to post by star in a jar

Actually sugar, i was quoting a RobotChicken spoof on that mocumentary. Its was called "The Lemming; Nature's Retard" But i know about the Disney hoax and i know Lemmings really arent retarded...

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