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The beginning ......... and the end .

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 08:12 AM
Many years ago , almost thirty now , my travels around the countryside , saw me stop in a major city for a year . I worked at many different occupations , taking whatever jobs I could land . I was basically
unskilled , so most of those were very menial and tough . It was good to be in a large population , as in the past , a lot of my work was in completely isolated surroundings . I got a job in a factory as a machine
operator , and even though it was hot ,dusty and dirty , I was grateful to see other faces every day .
Because of the conditions I'd endured previously , I was painfully shy , and would naturally avoid crowds and even speaking to people . The only way to let my guard down was to get half drunk , and this I did every weekend . I made a friend at the factory , and we used to get together on the weekends , do a pub crawl , and at midnight , wander the streets , gate crashing any and all parties we came across .
He also worked part - time as an extra on T.V . It wasn't regular work , but it involved irregular hours .
Every week he would entertain me with tales from his latest involvement . It sounded fun and exciting ,a real departure from our normal boring day jobs . He talked me into going to see his agent ., I had nothingto lose , and soon I was working nights as an extra too . It was everything he promised it would be , interesting and fun . Each job was so different , and I met so many different people , it was great .
Occasionally the stars would even speak to us , which was a real highlight for me . A lot of them were very stand- offish and I guess even snobbish , but the best ones were really genuine, down to earth people.
There was one female star who outshone all the rest . She was so gifted , a natural entertainer , that the whole world loved her . She could out sing ,dance and act all of the others , and was also gorgeous .
I secretly loved her too, and was delighted when one day my agent sent me to one of her music video recording sessions . There were about a hundred other extras there , so I was just another face in the crowd .
It was great just to be near her and watch her perform live .
After the shoot , we were all standing around talking , and she surprised us all by coming over to talk to us.
Unfortunately I was sober , and when she turned to me and quietly asked if I would like to go out on the town with her , I froze up and made a silent idiot out of myself .
I didn't see her again , but I followed her career with great interest for the next thirty years . She became an international mega star with millions of adoring fans , and I always day dreamed about her ,in my own quiet way . I always wondered why she never married or had kids , but I guess she was always too busy .
One day recently I saw her website and left a cryptic sort of message that only she would understand , that pointed to our meeting so long ago .

A month later she arrived on my doorstep , and asked me to go out with her ... and this time I grabbed the oppotunity with both hands .

I had always loved her and now here she was in my arms at last .

Yesterday the doctors told me I had terminal cancer and only six weeks to live . I can't tell her .

I just can't .


[thankyou for your time]

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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 09:19 AM
this is love...
and love never end... even if all vanish the love stay inside this bubble.
this is the end but also a begining, of a new way of thinking.
your secret for this women is a part of this love. who say secret say also lies...
i dont know you but i wish you the best on and on.

posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 12:49 PM
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posted on Nov, 10 2009 @ 02:33 PM

this is a FICTIONAL story

...... I don't have cancer

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