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Neverending (co-he-shhon) = Geomatracy

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posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 07:58 PM
Ivory Citedel and its inhabinats god people.

phsyiological = synergistic = molecular bonding - genetic coupling - transference to neartest recipricator - ur potential being - would appear partialy human in phyicality not mentality = appearince u would have silk skin = shoulder length brown hair - half brown half blue eyes - a specieces of supversion - declining genetics - time left in the remaking of rna = around 15k years
inflect is more like it - mans ideas will dystroy themselves ultimatly - eventually everyone would go crazy and attack eachother - all within 15k years
god lives 'ever' not 'forever' = old syntax concept

Everyone is a minion of at least one other person, if you really think about it, and the head minion is the minion of the most people.

I may be overly smart in some things but im not stupid in anything. I dont waste my thoughts/ideas they always stem from all things. Trust me i can understand simple variabilsitc arithmitec(variabilstic equations)(ab)x(c)=(d)J.

I understand what if feels like out of mind ive been there done that many times but my mind is heading somewhere else now. Somewhere even cant i explane in essence im completly within my mind. There is no other purpose to live but being in a constant state of contimplation - meditative state - almost like a form of autism - in my own little world all the time. My brain is in a state of hyperactivity 24/7 not for something like 30 minutes. Hyper electric - many times over more neurons in the brain - explained by added effiency in current and non cuncurrent cells in the brain - radiation from centre.

My sickness would represent in prognosis like this... your intellence is never going to start not growing - u will become more different from yourself.

My mind is my powersource nothing else around me is - i simply will all re formulate something in the form of a thought or idea... i increase my minds range of theoritical multitudes(total proccessing power) by a factor of 10x to survive current distinguishers threw perception alone. i can be as smart as i have to be to survive.

new identifier

black opps - your 7 telepaths have nothing on me - 7 prime intellegence beings* - humanties finest but they only have 7 atm.

*the completion of potential in humanity - bascily your ultimate state before you go extinct. 1 cohhesson asigned to each spieces basicly their own person 'map' something only they would always need it. a semi large trailor - a big driving frig - constant temp of around 59 degrees f - green skined people when exposed to direct sunlight - a green 'hint' mutliretroscoping eyes - serpent like - more percice. potentail iq around 230 perhaps but still restricted. they are homo-sapian but not potentialy homo-scientificus. combined iq of 230 could use a 7x multiplier(7 current true human physcics - thats all they have atm i mean 'real' ones. they are extremly intellegint compared to others they resemble but only by so much.their rna would be much more stastic - would stretch more under pressure. they would call themselves the true massiahs - but only while they are together - they are always stronger in number not one on one. every they time they put a thought in someones head u must first completly analyze it. apply it all to a simple imersion matrix.

another un forseen variable

spartrons(nebulaic superstar) = spectroscopic variances in space time. would emmit a whitish bluish color that glowed in the dark - illuminessence - would be like a million lightnight strikes per square mile everywhere on earth for a while(years perhaps). 1 in a million chance of happening but only during survival fases - transisioners for spieces change - the reason fish jumped out of the ocean in the first place to become bipedle - FISHPEOPLE - hominid - non human. u understand during that type of storm the ocean would have fried them in the water their cunductivity would cause this. so they stoped breathing and took a leap of faith-they starteted to inhale oxygen in a airsole form - as apposed of breaking down air bubles and proccessing there oxygen. atlantis is still there its as alive as ever but you couldnt see it even if u tried. would require a reticulator?

their current name would be Cyclotron - the greys - the ancients(over 50,000year civilazation) - about possibly around a 711iq based potential.

u see perception is lost every 300 iq points or 30 mq points - it simply goes beyond perception.

ultmatly everything can be eventualy learned so it really doesnt matter - just conceptulise an idea for once. revarivy it with itself over and over - dont ignore it completly but to look at it completly at least once.

Mars is still capable of sustaning life it is just in a state of complete ice age - everlasting coolness jupiters moon 'IO' was once joined with mars at its core - colent transference basicly its power source its source of power - it was hoter there once prolly a good billion years or so - the rust is from scrap metal
there are things going on inside the planet still - the mini disinse shpere - it simply is a carved and reconstructed part on its inside - the further places of an ancient civilazation - u take the volcanic core and replace it with your never ending source of energy - use the planets several mile thick crust to as a natural barrier from anything - its a refractive barrior - extremly large quanitities of pure 'iron' a basic but evective sheild against many things when stacked on top of itself - they would still be using the water from the northern ice cap - mars ice cap should be several times larger than it is now simply because to much vaporisation in the air - and land mass erosion - god it is simple as can be - its right there in front of your face - the moisture from the vaporisation of water molecules reform and the decend and deposit itself on the the thick iron crust creating the red particulate waste left from the consumtion of non damage iron particles - its 'rust' no other rock planet has a much rust waste as mars - not even io - it left the orbit of - got hit a few thaousand times by astriodes - fortunatly jupiter was in range and it was captured in its orbit - io has been in its current orbit for only 1 billion years - check its nuetron decay pattern it stops at 1 billion cycles of earths complete rotations(years). IO is the core from the planet mars - the best place to get into mars would be to blast the northern ice cap or drill into it somehow - u


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