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What the bleep really happend, how did we get here? Part 1

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 09:37 PM
Up on the higher realms, these masters had power that would make the finite minds of the human population call 'magic'. Controlling elements on the planet, the force of life of the planet all things, and time. They could send out energy that could make the planet shift in unimagined ways as of yet for mankind. They had space travel, they existed on higher realms than earth. The earth is considered a breading ground of the lowest level energy to have known to exist as of yet.

We the people are the breeding ground, for high powerful wizards who control time.. and even higher beings not as discussed yet also exists, a group who have mastered the flesh and live in hormony away from the freakshow of individulaity and the negativity and black energy waves that it thus creates. No these beings are 'safe' from this negative life and way of living. They have mastered diminesion, time and space, and have the ability to talk to all souls and commune with the creator in which most of all have yet to even imagine. Back to the powerful wave masters of time, whom I will call the wizards from this day forth. Listen if you wish if not no way It makes any difference, here forth is communal knowledge that has been passed down by many people on this planet, whom I shall call the 'specials' and another group called the 'god children'. here we begin,.

The wizards waged wars with local planets in space, in our solar system on other planets. Our solar system erupted in wars, eventually expanding out, yes the human outposts we had back in those days was considered quite grand. We have allready been there, in another form. Same souls different time I suppose. So where did these humans originally come from? In the most populated part of our galaxy there was a war being waged by beings who have had space travel longer than any in our galaxy ever. Well, before these colonys existed there were these higher beings who were just watching and playing in abundance in another part of the galaxy. Until they made contact. These beings tangled technology to the higher beings, whom at this time did have no need for technology becuse they were on a level where thought created all need(abundance). But as they say, curosity killed the cat. And these higher beings started to slowly, one by one to leave their current bodies and begin a life anew on more physical realm where they could play out to their hearts content. Well to make a long story short, these beings who first had space travel started waging war on this small communal living farm society of the higher beings who were now on the lower realms. Many and many of the humans escaped and fled to all different star systems during the war. This was in the beginning. Many thousands of years later, which is very small in terms of time, as by now before the first major wars broke and the colonys spread was more than millions of years in the making. These beings didnt just pull space travel technology out of their asses. Pardon the pun. It took along time for the original beings who had space travel first to get to this point, millions of years before they even found the humans. And no these beings would not be of human kind. Wars eventually broke out for more thousands of years between these other human colonys and at this point they almost equal technology but they were still loosing becuase these non human beings had mastered types of mind control through the essence(soul) of the indivudual, these beings were known to look at you in the eye and force you to the curl into a ball in pure agonizing fear like you have never known. They very tall and muscular, and were known to be horrific and even eat the flesh of their victoms during wars. You did not want a ground team to come down you would much rather have a weapon bombardment and they had more powerful weapons than the nuke. Ones that were like the nuke but 100 times more powerful, that could disrupt the entire planet and sometimes destroy it. It would 'crack' the biosphere. And toxins would eventually rot and leave a trail of death in all vegativation but I digress. Some people have memories of these horrific atrosicities in their minds hidden. Eventually they changed the genetics of the humans in more than one planet/system through wars but not all humans were infected. Or effected because of varous reasons, some allied with the non human ones, and others fled, and others died. Many things happend and eventually they felt the only way to protect themsevles and possibly defeat these beings wreaking havoc on the galaxy, was to unite and created a society based on peace and to fight together to put an end to the wars and death, but it was more like a slaughter and very very sad for beings who experienced this time. Anyway, in a team many beings formed up and created a very large team consisting of most of all the human colonys and even some non humans they found along the way, many different species were found.. They went through a formal operation to make contact with beings who were young and havent developed space travel or anything of the remote kind. So these went very wrong at times and after much trial an error(some species used their technology and wipe themselfs out). They eventually devoped a method and rules and such. Well it worked many beings who had gone down to experience this life they wanted so much, they eventually went up to the higher realms to escape the madness. Some beings did it naturally as the whole system went back up to higher realms. Some groups needed to escape the wars and death and used high technology to force their bodies and soul to move at much higher level that would lead to their return to the higher realms. Almost like an escape vechile, its quite sad once you think about what happend. Because these beings were not happy to leave behind anyone like this, they were very sad. When they reached the higher realms they realised everything was fine and could rejoin their brothers and thus multiple levels of the original group(who were protecting all) formed. Levels that reached all the way back to and fro, creator god. Divine beings in the afterlife directed beings in the physical (although higher realms), on how to move and flow to bring together the universe/galaxy. Anyways we were created along the way, but thats another story in itself. Part 2 coming next.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:08 PM
Part 2

Other human and non human colonies existed on earth before us, many times. But the evidence is hidden or you will most likely not find it, but it relates to very ancient earth civilizations, because they had the knowledge, and they knew what we dont know. The wizards who I first talked about in part 1, they existed in another planet in our solar system which was destroyed(which is known as the kupar belt), there was a massive and powerful civilization, that controlled the ether of existance through the grip of their fingers and they eventually pushed the planet so hard it fractured and was destroyed. They could manipulate planet energy, solar, mantle, plates, biosphere, and magnetic/electric fields with their inner sorce. They wanted to see how far they could go with their power. Most of these smaller colony's stayed nutral for years before they were destroyed in some form of war or tradegy. Many of those souls are here on earth, some of these colony's had connected to other humans way out and more advanced in technology, but not by too far. But they were given more technology from other humans that they used to wars. So there was alot of supply demand and trade and some humans far out were considered barterer's in powerful technology. It is these same human beings who have felt sorrow and felt they were at blame for the wars. But they were having an internal conflict in their system two side by side dual star system. So alot of things happend that shouldn't have. My soul is one that originated on a planet that was at war for so long that they had changed their dna negativly with their enemies experiments. Eventually I existed in other forms for many other lifes, no more the same, so that had left an amazing impact on my soul. One that sends rifts out that have made some illuminated ones giggle with giddy like a child playing with a new toy. illuminated being men on earth whom have all this knowledge and weave power based on an entirely different philisophy than that is known. They work in a similar way to these humans that destroyed their planet before earth to create the asteroid belt. They work with energy and mind control but they operate at much lower level so they use alot of help and technology to suceed. thats not as to say they do not know whats going on. Becuase they do, some are very smart and accomplished men but they have a flaw, and that flaw exists on the fact they do everything based on the old non human savages whom were manipulated and told lies by about the higher beings. And so things changed. Now these humans that formed the group(apart from the earth of course and some other colonies) these people, they created a blockade around earth to prevent in and outs of this system. This will not be left to rot or lose or die. Higher beings in contact with heaven have decreed it so and asked for all the humans in this group down every line of space and dimension in all walks of life to open up and free this planets people and that includes some people on earth, snap its open. You will learn nothing by waking up but you will learn everything from being awake. Because its an everyday experience. Here is a guarenteed to work(for the right people) self waking up 12 minute process that works for deep souls.

This only works for people who know they are from the stars or feel a calling, especially from space, but could be from everything.

For those who know they are starseeds, this is a ONE TIME ONLY activation process. For those who are not sure, this process will allow them to activate themselves. At this time, a lot of starseeds are not activated. Their energies are necessary to help anchor love and light to Mother Earth.

This is a 12-minute process:

Sit down, close your eyes, and start a series of three inhalations and exhalations. Inhale Light through the top of your head and down into your body. Exhale all of the stress and worries you have, down through your feet and on down to the earth for about one minute.

Place your left hand, palm up, on your left thigh. Your right hand should touch the area one or two inches below your navel. (This is an energy vortex.)

Ask the Earth Angels to come to activate this vortex center for you. Stay in this area for about four minutes.

Move your right hand up one or two inches above the navel (another energy vortex) and ask the Earth Angels to activate that area for you. Keep your hand there for about five minutes.

Now place a hand, palm up, on each thigh and ask the Earth Angels to send a confirmation that you have been activated. Wait about two minutes to receive it.

Now that you have been activated, you are ready to actively participate with the rest of the starseeds in doing rituals and in clearing and balancing your chakra systems. You are asked to stay attuned to learn other ways to help Mother Earth and the population, before the earth changes occur.

Love and light

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 10:49 PM
... and how did you happen to come up on all of this information ???

Thats quite an imagination you got there Billy, .... now get to bed, I'll be there shortly to tuck you in.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 11:04 PM
Could bleepin' happen, who bleepin' knows!

No, seriously, it sounds like good 'ol meditation to me.
You know the same thing yogis use to do amazing things?

I'm down with angels and stuff but who really bleepin' knows?
They say it started with a big bleepin' bang anyway!
Would take alot of power to manage that.
Just bleepin' sayin'....

Kinda reverts back to your creator theory.
Wild stuff mate!
Like I say, who bleepin' knows!
Good bleepin' question and well bleepin' put!

Edit: forgot a bleepin' "L"!

[edit on 8-11-2009 by dodadoom]

posted on Nov, 9 2009 @ 05:01 PM
Excellent story, but I think it's in the wrong forum area. You should develop it more and include characters and such. I can't remember the title of it, but I think there is a series similar to this idea. It's not the same, so I think your safe to go ahead and try getting the novel published.

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