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5 Types of Neighbors and How to Handle Them

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posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 09:19 PM

By Geoff Williams
It used to be that everyone knew their neighbors. At the very least, you'd meet them after the kid next door accidentally hit a baseball through your living room window, or an apron-clad housewife appeared on your back porch to borrow a cup of sugar. But that's so 1950s. During these days of two-paycheck parents commuting and cocooning because they're afraid to let their kids run unsupervised outside, it is becoming increasingly common to buy a house and eight years later realize that you have never met your neighbors.

If that's your situation, consider yourself lucky, because oddball and unusual neighbors do still exist. You may find yourself in constant contact with them, especially if you live in a community with yards that are just about a yard long. How you co-exist can make all the difference between living happily ever after or litigiously ever after. That's why we've created a primer on some of the neighbor archetypes you might expect to find

Currently I am blessed with great neighbors. We have street parties where everyone in the area is invited so we can get together, meet, and ultimately watch and care for each other.

But at one time, I had the neighbors from hell. Right wing, Christian fundamentalist/survivalists types waiting for the rapture. And this was 10yrs ago.
Always shooting guns, yelling at their kids, and constantly trying to get me and my GF to join their wacko sect. Because of them I eventually sold that place and moved to my present location.

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