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...You just never know ..... do you ?

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posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 07:48 PM
My girlfriend was originally from the islands . She had an enormous family ,
brothers , sisters, first , second ,third cousins , aunts and uncles , and everyone
in between .! Most of whom lived on the mainland , near us . There was hardly
a week go by without another wedding , christening , or funeral to attend .
Or all three !
I'm not big on funerals , and I usually came up with an excuse not to go.
On this particular weekend it was not considered optional , so of course I went .
Her Auntie Merry had passed away unexpectedly , and when we arrived at the
house , there was the usual crowd of about three hundred . These events were
always fully catered , and I made myself comfortable , with food and drink , in a
shaded part of the back yard . Everyone seemed to know me , but I'm pretty
hopeless at remembering all of them , so it was "oh yeah" , "now I remember"
but usually I didn't .
Her whole family was very religious , and being Islanders , they had a whole
raft of traditions and ceremonies for these occasions , but I guess I never paid
much attention to what was going on .
After lunch , someone told me they were going inside the house, to pay their
respects ,and there was an open coffin . I had never done this before , but got the
impression that this time , it was the right thing to do .
I sauntered through the crowd outside, and wandered to the living room where
the coffin was .
There didn't seem to be anybody else inside , until I reached the coffin . No big
deal I thought , they'll be in here in a minute . I said a silent prayer over Auntie
Merry , and as I turned to leave , two guys in suits , [who I hadn't met before],
stopped me and asked what I was doing inside the house , before the Elders
had performed their ceremony . That was not allowed , they explained , and I
was shown the door , and asked to wait outside until then .
Upon exiting the house , I was confronted by the Elders , and they to
admonished my premature entrance . I explained that the two guys inside had
just told me to get out , and why .
The Elders turned to each other , eyebrows raised , then back to me , and said
that nobody [no pun intended] , was in the house!
They insisted I accompany them back inside to point out the two strangers .

We walked through every room , and you know what , they had disappeared
into thin air ! You just never know ... or do you ?

THE END [thankyou for your time]

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:43 PM
Short but interesting.

It left me wanting to know more and to have the mystery solved.

But, I suppose that was the intension. (?)

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 10:56 PM
Yeah .... most of my stories are open ended .

It gives me the option of coming back to them later

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:01 PM
reply to post by radarloveguy

Very good Radarloveguy, I love to read your stories and this one is very interesting. What was the religion your girlfriends family practiced, if you do not mind me asking?

posted on Nov, 7 2009 @ 11:27 PM
Hi melissa101 .......... um , well

it's just fiction actually

.... but God is real !

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 12:34 AM
reply to post by radarloveguy

Oh ok. I just assumed it was a real account. I guess that is a sign of a good writer A.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 12:43 AM
reply to post by Melissa101

Thanks melissa 101 .

I've only been writing fiction for a week now ,

so with any luck , I'll get better with practice !

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 01:35 AM
reply to post by radarloveguy

Hi Radar,

Is this a story, or is it real?

Anyway, good plot.

posted on Nov, 8 2009 @ 03:14 AM
Hi spellbound ,

100% fiction

thankyou for your time !

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