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There is nothing we can say and there is nothing we can do

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 07:29 PM
We are just vessels to our senses, and so we are here only to observe. We can make no changes that will last - just like the 'elite' or whoever the heck they think they are... they have no power.

We are a pale blue dot in a universe that is too large for us to explore. Nothing of consequence here. I think - and I quote the Guide here - Earth is "Mostly Harmless". Really, take it in for a second. Mostly harmless.

Nothing THEY (whoever that is) do will surmount to absolutely anything at all! So why do we worry? Just because of their great need and greed for the illusion of power. Rest easy, because that is indeed all they have and ever will have - is an illusion. They say absolute power corrupts absolutely, but what they never tell you is that there isn't such a thing - short of omnipotence - that has such power. Power over people - an illusion. Power over nature - an illusion.

I've seen a multitude of threads lately concerning what was once thought to be largely impossible feats of physics. "China working on Anti-Gravity" . Excuse, as I have not read the thread, simply the title. I didn't even want to click on it. I didn't want to be disappointed. Anti-gravity? Come on, that's hogwash.

The more powerful WE think they are, the more powerful they seem. Of course - they will always and have always lacked any true power. Even if they're aliens, reptiles, whatever, gosh it doesn't matter what they are, because THEY HAVE NO POWER OTHER THAN THE POWER WE GIVE THEM. And boy we've just been bending over for these guys huh?

Just a thread I felt like making because... I know we're a paranoid bunch... but there are some things comforting in knowing that nothing will come out of any of this, don't you think?

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