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Joe's Remote Viewing Test Experiment (hopefully) Done the Scientific and Correct Way

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:55 AM
I'm going to do my best to not preload any of you with information, and I will get back to the thread and respond with the objects in question and pictures. I'll give enough time for those who wish to try to do so.

I'm a Christian by faith, not religion, though I religiously practice certain aspects of my faith, and I leave open the possibility that God has built in us abilities that may be outlandish but possible. I know that certain types of psychic phenomina can be chalked up to mental illness, substances, and posession, but I leave open the possiblity that within man's mind, spirit, and body, there MAY (not definite in the least) be the chance that some interesting psychic phenomina exist revolving around EM fields, the brain, and energy manipulation. There's room for it to work within non-understood physics, since they aren't understood yet.

For this experiment, I theorize that if psychic phenomina exist and allow for what we know as remote viewing to work, that at least a small percentage of viewers within this experiment will get enough accuracy with successful identification or description of the target to give a basic idea of whether or not there is some form of substance to remote viewing and/or a universal consciousness, or all reality being based upon perception .

Thus, I am going to give you numbers below. Each one represents one target. Please read up on how to RV, or just go the "just do it method" where you empty your mind, focus on the number, and proceed to try and figure out what it is. If you post any scans or pics of your impressions, correct procedure needs you to write the target's number on the top of the page, followed by drawings and descriptive words. Doodle what you feel...and post it.

If you'd like to practice, here are some test targets. Write the number on your page, clear your mind, focus on the number and draw and describe your impressions of the target represented by the number. Then, click the number to see if you're close or accurate, or way off...

I will not be telling whether any of the targets are persons, places, things, time/places, time/things, etc. Your job is to just describe the target to the fullest extent possible.

Please give this a shot. I want experienced and inexperienced alike. Basic shapes to complicated drawings, with words for descriptions, and just word descriptions all qualify. Futhermore, try and describe all senses...what is the mood? What do you taste, physically feel, smell, hear, and see? What colors are there? Who or what is around the target? What materials make the target?

Just make sure to take this seriously, I want to seriously conduct this as tightly and scientifically as possible without doing it 1:1 with people. Feel free to take your time.

(all numbers generated with after I looked and/or thought about the target in question, in hopes to associate it mentally with the number in the case a universal consciousness exists)

  • Target 1: 5430/1327

  • Target 2: 6367/8193

  • Target 3: 5526/0398

  • Target 4: 8972/0166

  • Target 5: 7896/1423

  • Target 6: 6157/0319

  • Target 7: 9457/3129

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posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 02:46 AM
reply to post by joesomebody

Done the Scientific and Correct Way

There's nothing at all scientific about your proposition. If you want to do it the scientific way, then you have to follow the scientific method.

In the mean time, I have a feeling the Peer Review process on your experiment is going to be rather intriguing - and perhaps a bit painful for you. Believers often express how much they dislike skeptics and people picking apart their claims in the negative and vicious "tearing down" any idea which doesn't conform to a pre-existing world view.

But that's exactly how science works, and there is NO skeptic anywhere near ATS which is even close to being as brutal and vindictively thorough as academic Peer Review. Evisceration, utterly. It ensures only those ideas strong enough and well enough supported by evidence can pass. While it can be disheartening and leave you feeling as if "attacked" - it's proven to be a indispensable and vital augment to human understanding and advancement.

posted on Nov, 6 2009 @ 01:46 PM

In that case, forget all I said. Everyone just RV the targets.


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