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Roger Stone: Family Values Repugnant Strategist/Sex Freak

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posted on May, 19 2004 @ 03:48 PM
Big time political strategist Roger Stone and his wife Nikki

The former Bob Dole adviser and his wife were swingers and The Vault was a favorite haunt.

"Roger and Nikki were our customers for a long time," Marini says. "They were heavy duty swingers and ran ads on the Internet and in many sex publications. They were heavy players."

Roger was one of the top advisers who urged Dole and other Republican politicians to emphasize family values and integrity.

"Regardless of his status in politics, Roger never came to the club in disguise," Marini recalls. "He looked like a Ken doll. He was tall, blond, handsome and muscular and his wife was curvaceous and very sexy. She would wear leather bras and tantalizing outfits and he would wear collars, chaps and a leather vest with no shirt underneath."

Then in 1996, an ENQUIRER investigation revealed that Roger and his wife frequented group sex clubs and engaged in group sex orgies. In two blockbuster articles, we published evidence, including a shocking ad the couple had placed in a swingers' magazine soliciting lovers for group sex, a handwritten note arranging a sexual encounter, and revealing photos from sex magazines of Roger and Nikki barechested.

Hours after The ENQUIRER story hit the stands, it was picked up by dailies around the country and Dole's campaign ended its association with Roger Stone.

This is the true core of the repugnant. DOn't believe the crap that they tell you. Anyone or group so outwardly hardcore against sex is probably an undercover hardcore pervert who deeply hates himself/herself.

(And the dude was wearing CHAPS! If that isn't gay, I don't know what is. What the hell is going on here!)

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 04:02 PM
The Dole connection is funny. Not because he's supposed to be some moral guy, but because HE'S NOT!

The Viagra ads were the kicker to a life serving in Washington while secretly shacking up with then Mistress (now US Senator) Libby. Dole's wife was rarely in Washigton and his daughter is reported to have all but disowned dear old family values dad over that hussey Libby!

posted on May, 19 2004 @ 04:07 PM
Whoa, now I didn't know that. The whole repugnant party is just incestuous. All thjey do is sleep around: men with women, men with men. Its just disgusting. In chaps of all things!


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