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Need job seeking advice? I can help.

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posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 03:45 AM
I would like to offer my service to those who may be in a tough spot right now or down the road as far as finding a decent job goes. I know sometimes it's tough out there in the "real world" so I'd like to offer up some of my experience for the benefit of anybody seeking a bit of encouragement. I can offer advice in the following subjects via u2u if you prefer not to ask on the thread. Of course there is no charge for advice, let me know if I can help!
- Job search skills.
-resume creation, revision or overhauling
-Interview skills, do's and dont's
-Job retention
-how to survive workplace politics

posted on Oct, 18 2009 @ 12:01 PM
Been out of job since June and still after the 77 resumes that I've have put out no calls back. So when that happens I usual try to contact the advertising employer to arrange an interview but when I make secondary contact I'm met with serious hostility and have had the police called on me a few times for harassment.

I've been in and out of the service Canada office in my area for just over a month trying to get some kind of advice. But with federal employees, they are incredibly ignorant towards people who are in desperate need of help.

The area's of employment that I've been presently searching for is:
-The service industry (restaurants and hotels)

Experience so far
-Kiewit Energy: employed from Sept 07 to Jan 08, Shop Labourer
-Flint Energy Services: employed from May 08 to June 09, Labourer

Before that I was doing customer service and trying to obtain a college education I wasn't successful in doing so because of financial situation two years prior to working in construction. At the time Alberta was going through a boom so my rent was being increased ten fold every six months so I couldn't afford to go school anymore.

Thanks for the help

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posted on Oct, 19 2009 @ 12:12 AM
reply to post by Big Oil

Hello big Oil,

I'm sorry to hear about the tough time you're having I hope I can be of some help I'll post my thoughts here if that's ok and if not then I'll edit.
Lt's start with your expeirence,

Experience so far -Kiewit Energy: employed from Sept 07 to Jan 08, Shop Labourer
-Flint Energy Services: employed from May 08 to June 09, Labourer

I assume that you have attempted to locate employers in these areas, I'l bet you have exausted yourself with the work of sending out those 77 resumes, Putting your name out there is a great idea even if an employer isn't hiring at this time. How long are you waiting before making a follow up call? I would sugguest at least 3days to a week before placing one this allows 2 things, (1) gives the employer or H.R staff time to review your app and resume while allowing them to consider your strengths and expeirence agianst other possible candidates. (2) This time span disuades the appearence of being desperate, confident and capable for the job applyed for is what one should project.

I also would sugguest that you prepare differing resumes for differant types of jobs applyed for, your "top tier" choices obviously would be you first preferances and then "down the line" so to speak. Make any lack of experience you have a selling point, example: strong willingness to learn company procedures, instead of " no prior experience" Your resume should "sell" you to a prospective employer make that the case in all levels. Avoid sending a detailed resume to employers that do not require one in addition to the application, just list al relevant information in the latter.

Getting a hostile response has got to be frustrating, I'm not sure you would want to dedicate your efforts to an employer whose staff would treat you this way, I'd move along down the line as it were. Remember what helped you gain those previous positions? If so and notable try to employ those same tactics at this time after all they helped you before right?

Some companies off a sort of intern program where one can work an agreed upon amount of hours to either gain or prove ability, this may be an idea to consider if you find an employer that you would really like to work for, this is a way to sort of "get your foot in the door" I'd enquire about this option when you make your follow up calls if you feel that the recieving staff member's tone is less then desireable, sort of like "breaking the ice" and it may give a better impression and lead to employment although as you know, interns work for free.

A good game plan needs to be developed in any job search, deciding on factors such as locations, pay rate expected, ect ect. I would reccomend a three phase plan incooperating as much face to face contact with possible employers as possible.
- Get out there! Speak directly to H.R if possible, ask questions and make it obvious that you are interested in a peticluar company even if they claim to not be hiring, Giving the impression that you are genuinly interested in the growth and success of their operation will set you appart from "the average joe" Keep notes of whom you spoken with so that in further contact you can reffer back to.

-Sell yourself via your resume! Ask the people you've spoken with face to face if it would be alright if you left a resume with them, even if they are not in charge of hiring, this may make then feel empowered and they could likely be the bridge between you and the deciding person, relying on a good conversation previously had to do some work for you. Make sure that your resume is specific to the job you have in mind. A detailed resume listing your skills in the shop, will have little bearring on weather or not you are qualified to work in say a hotel, substitute desire to adhere to an a willingness to learn that companies policy and procedure for a lack thereof while transfering all relevant skills using some good word play. Don't lie, rather let the requirements work in your favor and let them highlight your strengths.


Set a goal and motivate yourself!
Employers are seeking motivated employees so if your consistant mindset is motivated, then that's what you'll project to a perspective employer when ever you contact them weather it's a phone call or (hopefully) the interview! Positiveity begets positiveity, and people like it. A reasonable timeline based on your specific factors will help you fell less stressed while on the hunt, for example if your goal is talk to 10 employer's today and by noon you've already knocked out 5 then your half way to your goal and you should feel at least a small sense of accomplishment, wich will give you fuel for the next round heck maybe you want to add another 5 or so. Keep your goals realistic, You know your limitations so don't set yourself up for failure by exceeding them, If you find small defeats let them be tools for future victories.Stick to your goals and stay motivated regardless of negative responses.

I hope these tips will aid you in your hunt, but if you find them of no use let me know and we can tailor a more specific approach! In the mean time best of luck and let us know how it goes.


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