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Law Enforcement overstepping authority with NCIS abuses

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posted on Oct, 16 2009 @ 07:47 AM
Just saw this in the paper today:

The New Hampshire Department of Safety has ordered law enforcement agencies to end the practice of running background checks before returning confiscated firearms to their owners.

In a memo sent on Sept. 28, New Hampshire Department of Safety Assistant Commissioner Earl Sweeney reminded law enforcement officials throughout the state that the National Instant Criminal Background Check System, known as NICS, can be used only by federally licensed gun manufacturers, importers and dealers. If the NICS is being used by police or court officers to run background checks before returning confiscated guns, Sweeney wrote, they should stop.

"Conducting NICS checks prior to returning confiscated firearms technically constitutes misuse of NICS and exceeds the authority granted to the Department of Safety by the New Hampshire Legislature," he wrote. Source

Looks like some cops or departments in the state of NH were getting a little grabby with power and authority. Thankfully the DPS stepped in an told them to lay off.

Begs the question(s): for how long have these abuses been going on, how common are these abuses not just in New Hampshire but in every state (I can only imagine in more "liberal" states like CT, MA and NY this behavior is by leaps and bounds more widespread), how much should fines be levied at $10,000 per misuse could departments and states be on the hook for and how much property has been stolen/confiscated by TPTB using said abuses?

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