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LMCO facility at Yucca Lake

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posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 03:04 PM
I did an exploratory hike up Bonanza Peak to see if the Lockheed Martin (LMCO) "secret" facility at Yucca Lake (dry) can be spotted. I shot this using a 400mm lens plus 1.4x teleconverter on a monopad. Generally I don't haul the telescope and tripod unless I know the target can be seen.

If you download the GPX file then read it into Google Earth, you can see the trail I used to hike up the peak. Technically, I didn't reach the peak due to time constraints, plus the peak looked totally forested. The location where I stopped to shoot the photograph was relatively barren, though it is about 400ft less than the true peak.

This is the facility where LMCO developed Pole Cat.

I shot enough photographs to make a panorama, though I don't expect to do so. Yeah, it has a view of Bob Lazar's famous S-4. (Yawn.....)

Bonanza Peak GPX file

Yucca Lake Wide

Yuuca Lake zoomed in on LMCO

posted on Oct, 14 2009 @ 10:34 PM
Two more photos from Bonanza Peak. This is the area of the NTS where you can see the towers set up for underground tests. One is ICECAP, a test that was set up but never executed since the test ban treaty stopped it midway.
Nevada Test Site

I believe this is the back of Groom Lake where they fly (test) the UAVs.
Behind Groom Lake

For the NTS, you would be better off photographing it from Mt. Sterling. I only hiked it to the point were you can see Papoose Lake and disprove Bob Lazar.


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