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Che Guevara: Assassin, Coward, Imbecile

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posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 06:47 AM

For the first year of Castro’s glorious revolution Che Guevara was his main executioner—a combination Beria and Himmler, with a major exception: Che’s slaughter of (bound and gagged) Cubans (Che was himself an Argentine) exceeded Heinrich Himmler’s prewar slaughter of Germans—to scale, that is.


Having read a great deal about early history of modern Cuba, I have never understood people wearing the Che T-shirt so proudly.
Would these same people wear the image of Himmler or Hitler so proudly?

Cuba was a nation of 6.5 million in 1959. Within three months in power, Castro and Che had shamed the Nazi prewar incarceration and murder rate. One defector claims that Che signed 500 death warrants, another says over 600. Cuban journalist Luis Ortega, who knew Che as early as 1954, writes in his book “Yo Soy El Che!” that Guevara sent 1,897 men to the firing squad. In his book “Che Guevara: A Biography,” Daniel James writes that Che himself admitted to ordering “several thousand” executions during the first few years of the Castro regime.

Fidel Castro was a thorn in the side of the US for a very very long time. He was the worlds longest-serving and most successful dictator:

Call Fidel everything in the book (as I have) but don’t call him stupid. Outside of his efficiency at the mass-murder of the defenseless, Guevara’s attributes—his inane twaddle and idiotic projects—must have driven Castro nuts. The one place where I can’t fault Fidel, the one place I actually empathize with him, is in his craving to rid himself of this insufferable Argentine jackass.

Do a little research on the Hollywood hero Che Guevara and next time you see anyone wearing a Che t-shirt ... laugh.

Che - assassin, coward, imbecile.

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 08:59 AM
When I was in school, kids would wear that shirt so proudly. I doubt any of those morons knew what they were endorsing.

Good Post!

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 09:11 AM
I remember that image being used in high school all the time. The "Che" shirt.

I wanted to know why so many people were walking around with his image on their chest so I went nuts with biographies and made a few school papers and projects about the man.

The best I can figure is that there are three reasons for his popularity. 1) Rage Against the Machine and a legion of angsty fans who thought it was 'cool' 2) Wearing it ironically to be funny (like a Pol Pot in front of a rainbow shirt or something) 3) they honestly believe that terrorism as a means to creating blanket poverty you can control with your oligarch buddies is a good thing.

This is a type of stupidity you can't correct. Education and information is the only option and the participants are not willing to learn.

Filed under "lost cause childhood stupidity."

posted on Oct, 13 2009 @ 09:21 AM
reply to post by MysterE

But today his famous photo by Alberto Korda ranks as the most reproduced print in the world. Last year Burlington Industries introduced a line of infant wear bearing his famous image. Even the Pope, on his visit to Cuba in 1998, spoke approvingly about Che's "ideals." Che owes all this hype and flummery to the century's top media swindler, Fidel Castro, who also dispatched the hero deliberately to his death. As those who know say, "Fidel only praises the dead."


A line of infant wear? You have to be kidding me!

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