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Anger and Hatred....yes YOU!

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posted on Oct, 7 2009 @ 03:16 PM
I was reflecting on Anger and Hatred, and what causes it. After a bit of time, I managed to connect all of the branches of thoughts to the best of my ability. I learned a perspective, that seems to formulate with any situation we might encounter in our lives.

I firmly believe that the emotion of Anger is triggered when there is a Battle between what you think you are, and what you're being told you are. The worry of the outcome of that battle results in fear, which leads to Anger. (isn't that what Yoda said?). When we worry about something, we are convincing ourselves that victory will not be ours, therefor we fight to prevent our defeat.

The word Anger is not to be confused with Hatred. With hatred, I meditated on the branches of reason when it comes to that emotion and this is what I found. Allow me to give you a perspective to consider.

I believe that Hatred is projection of fear, against something we wish to destroy. We want to destroy it because we are convinced that it will attempt to change us for the worse. The battle we fight to keep this change from occurring, comes in the form of hatred. It is this battle which perpetuates the darkness of the world.

As it turns out in the vision of my world. Fear feeds ALL of the darkness in the world. All of us have been agents of Darkness but those people, who think they are the Right ones, are the worst agents of them all. They are the ones that feed condemnation to the masses.

Anyway, so I began meditating on the final piece of this puzzle in my life, Fear. In simple terms, what causes fear?

It is my honest belief, that we feel fear when we are convinced of defeat. It's not the defeat itself that we feel. The feeling you get after being physically beaten, is not fear, it is pain and the release of burden of fear. The pain and release of burden of fear is a combination of eurphoria (happiness that you survived) and pain. I think of it as a bondage.

If you have ever been chased by an animal, you will find out that it is the chase that is the most destabilizing. You are convinced that you will not out-run the enemy.

The pieces of the puzzle seem to fit perfectly with the harmony of my life. I am beginning to realize that being convinced of defeat is the same as preparing to Die.

So Fear, being the forfeiture of life, is DEATH. In ALL of it's forms.

We were born in a confusing soup of Love and Fear, where fear always seemed to slay our helpless, infant spirit. Fear, or Death, has always been in our lives. The place we know well, a place where pain is certain but better than the fear of the unknown. I began to see that living in a house of fear, afraid of the outside is Bondage. It is bondage with darkness that makes people seek misery.

Well, this lead me to my final thought on my puzzle. If we are born with fear and live with fear, then we have been dead our whole lives. The question we should perhaps ask ourselves is this.

If I've always been dead...then what am I afraid of?

when will I live?

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