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Powell's Pullout & Iraq Council Pres killing linked?

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posted on May, 17 2004 @ 07:40 AM
How possible do you all think it is that the assassination of the Iraqi Governing Council President, Ezzedine Salim, is linked to recent statements made by Colin Powell state that coalition forces would withdraw if asked?

The statements Colin Powell made were contradicted by others, including Army Lt. General L. Walter Sharp.

At the House International Relations Committee hearing on Thursday, a top aide to Mr. Powell, Marc Grossman, was asked repeatedly what would happen if such feelings erupted after sovereignty is transferred. After resisting an answer, he finally said the United States would honor such a request.

Mr. Grossman, under secretary of state for political affairs, was then contradicted by Lt. Gen. L. Walter Sharp, director of strategic plans for the military's joint staff, who said an Iraqi pullout request would not be valid unless it were made by an elected government due to take office next year.

NY Times

Also in that article, more opposition from France and Russia, as they disapprove of the power the U.S. holds over the Iraqi council.

Furthermore, Ezzadine Salim was traveling in a convoy of 5 cars, which did little when this other car pulled up next to his at a Green Zone check point. The only other Iraqi councilmember to be assassinated was Aquila al-Hashimi (September 20th 2003), who was either shot to death or hit by an RPG, depending on who's story you read.

I've been looking hard, but can't yet find any links between these people, aside from the fact that Salim and al-Hashimi were both Shia (al-Yawer, the new council President is a close relative of Sheikh Mohsen Adil al-Yawar, a Shamar Shia chief.

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