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If Information is Power......!

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 07:47 AM
I think most of us here realise that the idea of the President of the United States being the most powerful person on earth is a falacy. As I understand it he is some 20 levels below Majestic the top government level of security clearence. So while everyone is busy ranting and raving about what I call the pedantics of government operaration, health, war, education etc and looking to the president for answers, it seems elsewhere the real stuff is happening. So who are the Most Powerful People on this planet exactly?

For me it's a given that there Aliens exist, for me it's a given that we have time travel technology, have access to interstellar crafts, and understand the nature of spacetime and are so able to manipulate it for travel. With these things and more in mind in whose hands does the future of the planet and its inhabitants lie?

Now I am not talking about the Bilderbergs or Rothchilds of the world who are clearly at the top of the money ladder, I am refering to the ones who have the information that really counts, information that most would not comprehend as possible in our time.

I think we'd all agree there is a lot of disinformation out there along with disinfo agents (the real mentally ill ones) who's prime goal is to spread lies primarilly to keep the truth from getting out and thus so preserving the power of the information being hidden. For if information is power it is even more powerful if it remains in the hands of the few and lets face it no-one likes losing power!

So what does the lowly average individual wanting to progress and get more power or information do? Well the answer is simple become an Alien, that's the extreme of course the alternative is to imagine your wildest techological dreams and seriously consider them to be true. Why? Well if its been thought about the chances are it's been built or at the very least experimented with or on! Earthly imagination of what 'is' is basically very limited, now factor in Alien minds and their technology capabilites and you have some idea of what really is.

So what do humans want? Well for the most part, and this may take some time to sink in, they need to be shown what they want, not only do they have little to no concept of purpose but they mostly accept their reality as a given, rarely if at all challenging others for more, or rising above the predictable desire for material goods. They have no real concept of what evolutionary advancement is. This is why those behind closed doors with the real power are rarely bothered by the masses.

So if what happens behind closed doors is not in the interests of the masses then who's interest are these people (high security clearance levels) acting in, the only conclusive answer is their own. Sure some whistle blowers come out into the fog of reality and try to educate the masses, but lets face it our minds might be progressing a little but our body is not. Exposure to what 'is' is everything, ideas or concepts of what 'is', is shooting in the dark and relies on faith and instinct.

The fact is this society is full of morons, admit it or not, and power in the hands of morons is problematic. But there are many including here on ATS that want more, and are of sound enough mind that they can handle information and paranormal or otherworldy experiences. No doubt like me you already understand the world for what it is, and maybe even like me you realise that without input and experience the mind tends to go cyclical and repeat patterns that are mostly non-progressive. This is the real issue, ie the restriction of those like me that are hungry for more, not just more information but experience also. The world is stagnant my friends caught in a need to know loop. Well I need to know! Do you?

A world that does not facilitate the progressive/evolutionary needs of people like me is not a world I want to be a part of any longer. I know I can contribute to the Divine Matrix and yet my hands are tied, it's killing me. I know the secret goverments around the world have the technology to liberate me and my desires, it is my food. I find myself in this predicament of trying hard to resist bitting the hand that hasn't fed me! I want my imagination to find a footing in that so much to ask of life?

posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 08:51 AM
I would love to see the entire sorid tale told to John Public on the Evening News. Trouble is, the people are not ready yet, and you can just go out in the street and find that out. Let's take a good hard look at the American Public, shall we?

About great percentage believe a saviour is coming to rescue them, and anything else is Satan.

A great percentage does not believe so strongly they would lose they minds if shown first hand evidence.

Another group would fire on any ET craft that sat down anywhere.

Another group would run to hide.

I think TPTB really want to tell us, but they are afraid. They fear what we would do to them for lying, they fear that society will break down, and they do not, under any circumstances want to let go of the power they have held for so many years. Also, they know a cosmic event is coming up, and they wish to escape, leaving the remains of humanity here, to our own devices.

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