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My Personal UFO Experiences

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posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 03:20 AM
Surprising that this wasn't one of the first threads I posted, but anyway this is just a description of my personal sightings/experiences with UFO's all in chronological order.

First Sighting 1995 or '96
I was living in a village (might be considered part of Milford) that sat between the towns of Milford and Janesville California, which sat directly across from the Sierra Army Depot, separated by Honey Lake, and where the would explode ordinance on a regular basis. Anyway I was in the third grade at the time of my first sighting, my mother and I would often go on short hikes to this big old old tree stump where we would take a break before heading back. Normally we would go some time after I got back from school, but before dusk, so we could have some light left as we returned home. We headed out one day and made it to the stump, I can't remember if it was a full moon or not but it was very visible even before dusk, there were clear skies and as I gazed I saw something that appeared to be lifting off of the moon and making a large arch before disappearing. Now I was in the third or fourth grade at the time and had no idea if what I saw was normal, but now I wonder if it was a UFO or a Satellite, and did it take off from the moon or when I saw it just appear to be before it arched sharply toward the Earth, could the craft be gigantic since it was a dot visible to the naked eye at the possible distance of the moon?

Second Sighting '95 or '96
Still living in the same place at the time but this one was way different. I was traveling with my mother back from Reno, Nevada and I was laying down in the front passenger seat. The night sky was full of stars that were easy to see in the country and I was watching the night sky as we drove on. Late into the car ride home I noticed a small light in the sky that appeared to be following parallel to our car. It must have been a little late but not before 2200 and we were the only car on the road, after a period of maybe less than 5 minutes of watching the object my right ear began to immediately erupt in stinging pain. My mom was frightened and puzzled as to why I was suddenly crying and in soo much pain. Apparently we were only a few minutes away from Milford, and we were approaching (what I believe to be) Herlong Access Rd. and 395, or so my mom kept reminding me. Caught up in the pain I never looked out back towards the window and the night sky until the pain started to quickly dissipate surprisingly at which point we pulled up to the general store where a policeman had happened to have stopped in at. Once we pulled in I noticed no light in the sky, my mother brought me into the general store and the police officer there looked me over and I appeared to be fine with the exception of puffy red eyes and teary cheeks. My Mom suspected it was an ear infection and had me taken to the hospital soon (a day or within a few days) after what happened. The doctor looked me over and stated that I was completely fine and healthy and that there was no ear infection.

(possible other sightings in between but memory doesn't want to serve.

Third (?) Sighting '97 to '98
I believe at this time I was living in Parachute, Colorado but the sighting took place while on approach to a place called The CalNevad Hotel or something ( I tried to google the place but none of them fit the description of the stop). It was one of the most peculiar sights I had ever seen. It was a bright bright bright full moon and my mother was at the wheel when I noticed a bright flash of light appear to come from above and go over the hood of the car. I leaned up my chair and looked out the wind shield towards the moon and saw a flying object that appeared to be reflecting the moonlight. All with in the coarse of a few seconds of watching I saw the object go from a straight path to moving just completely all over the place! It swiveled up, down, left, right, diagonal, and eventually faded away as if it traveled away from the moonlight. I kept watching expecting it to return and it did! And for the second time it did an impressive performance of maneuvers that now military jet I have ever heard of could have possibly achieved even today! It faded away after the few seconds of display and I never saw it again. At this point in my life I already knew what UFO's were, but I didn't not bother to tell my mom who had been right with me. I believe that it was simply because it sounded so unbelievable and so I didn't tell her until just a few years ago.

Fourth Sighting (and this is the last because I simply cannot remember) 2003 or '04
This was by far the most significant sighting for me because I had a witness, my own Dad. We were headed to drive from Colorado to Oregon and were leaving the down of Fruita headed up a large hill on I-70. The sun was setting but was still high above the mesa ridges and as we drove up to the crest of the hill we were met with a bright flash and again a strangely moving object that seemed to only be noticeable because of reflection this time coming from the sun. It lasted mere seconds but neither of us said anything for several minutes. I didn't think my dad was going to believe me if I said anything until, to my relief and excitement he asked me if I saw the object. I responded that I did and wasn't going to say anything had he not asked. Probably the most satisfying sighting since I actually got to have a witness for the first time!

Thanks for reading! This concludes my sightings. I ask that if you have nothing positive to say then don't say anything at all, I know what I saw, and I don't need to have to ignore you over it.


posted on Oct, 6 2009 @ 03:36 AM
The last sighting is certainly an interesting one since it is documented that some UFO's tend to have a tremendous reflection of a sun.

But for all it matters it is unidentifiable and could probably be a government testing craft but who knows.

posted on Oct, 8 2009 @ 07:31 AM
reply to post by krystalice

Well if the one I saw in Nevada is a government craft I would be mostly awesomely amazed at the abilities of its manoeuvrings! I don't really understand why, after seeing it, that any intelligent pilot would waste there time moving in all sorts of direction like that, just odd. Perhaps they were taking evasive maneuvers.


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