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Never mind the FED, Audit the U.S. Government

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posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 01:11 PM
Yes auditing the FED will help us understand the things that are wrong but come on $45 for a case of coke, this is OUTRAGOUS.

We as citizens have the right to know where every $ of our taxes goes,

I would like to know of all the black book projects that the government has been hiding from us from the day they opened their doors til now.(Like they would tell us.)

Do I have any disagreements on this,I would like to know others opinions on this

posted on Sep, 19 2009 @ 02:32 PM
This is part of the bigger picture.

Some things have to happen first. ACORN was a HUGE first step.

Congress is becoming scared for their future. I would bet many of them believed that they could skate through a number of terms. Lining the pockets of themselves and their family members (and close associates.)

For example, Pelosi is on record now as crying for the American public's well being??? No, She's crying for the same reason that woman that kidnapped, molested and murdered that little girl; neither is sorry for what they've done... they are sorry that they've been caught and their future is crumbling before their eyes. (Pelosi has a hard time crying through all the Botox.)

The corrupt officials will be replaced as they come up for re-election, that's clear. Congress needs to fear for their jobs just as anyone else.

It all has to start somewhere. These times are unprecedented. All of these conditions have happened before, perhaps individually... Public outcry, Scandals, Lawmakers pushing for various immediate remedies.

Only thing much different is that we have a black (he's ½ white too ya know and just stating the obvious doesn't make me racist, I just wish other people would get with the program and realize) president.

Having all of these factors come together at once makes for extraordinary times and events! Indeed, this is an historic Presidency!

Heads will be rolling... But it all takes time. Congress seems to be starting their push towards accountability. We MUST watch what they do from here on out, VERY closely.

As for Black Projects... If you want to know more about those, join the military and/or become proficient so that you are noticed.
They contact you ... They don't put want ads for "Mysterious Mad Scientist Wanted For Above Top Secret Black Projects."

It's also not in our countries best interest to reveal secrets. Silly rabbit.

Besides, it's more fun to get a blurry picture, a "leaked" document or more and then speculate about all kinds of cool stuff.


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