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Inspired by Dune: "Sietch Nevada: Desert Oasis for a Drought-Stricken Future"

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 09:19 AM
The Link



Sietch Nevada is a futuristic concept city that envisions a dystopian water-hoarding society where drought is a constant state and wars are fought over water. Designed by Matsys Designs, the underground city is situated within a network of tunnels and caverns that offer protection and water storage, creating an oasis in the desert. The dense underground community includes a network of waterways and canals enclosed by residential and commercial cavern structures that form an underground Venice so to speak.

Matsys Design

Matsys Design: Sietch Nevada

If you think Sietch Nevada sounds like a city taken straight out of the novel Dune then you’re right – a Sietch is actually a cave system that served as a village for the Fremen tribal community. Matsys Designs‘ city to be located in Nevada, is a man-made underground cave system, connected together by canals that act as both as transportation passageways and irrigation canals. Deep below the city are underground aquifers which provide storage for the precious resource that the city depends on. The caverns themselves are cellular in form and connected in a honeycomb structure that is full of dense urban life.

Science fiction does often come true to some degree. This is one instance where I would love to see some science fiction become reality.

Matsys Designs, whom I had never herd of before does some stunning design work, both conceptual and constructed. They are defiantly worth taking some time to check out.

I like this concept as it deals with real world issues in such a fantastical yet practical manner.


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