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VIDEO: Jane Burgermeister and the flu case.

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posted on Sep, 16 2009 @ 02:38 AM
Here is a PC interview with Jane Burgermeister talking about the swine Flu situation.
The thing that ponders me, is that she looks Nothing like the picture that Dr.True Ott is spreading around.
I wonder why True Ott is spreading disinfo about Jane ?? Who is talking true ??

Here is Janes webpage for you who want to understand Jane's global genocide charges against W.h.o. , the UN , Baxter and Mr.Obama and more...

The Baxter/WHO case
In the next few weeks, you could be forced to take a toxic vaccine against the "swine flu“, be quarantined and restricted in your travel because the World Health Organization has declared a global pandemic emergency of the highest level.

Download-Seite / Download Site Jane Bürgermeister Bioterrorism - Charges Grippevirenanschlag-Strafanzeigen

WHO - Documents: (proving they want to turn vaccines into killers)
(.pdf - Format)
1. WHO - Memo 1
2. WHO - Memo 2

The austrian investigative journalist Jane Burgermeister, who filed charges against Baxter and Avir Green Hills Biotechnology, World Health Organisation, UN and some prominent individuals, for bio-terrorism, now for the first time talks live on video in an interview.

~ Part 1

~ Part 2

~ Part 3

~ Part 4

~ Part 5

~ Part 6


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