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How about this...

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posted on May, 15 2004 @ 03:54 AM
I believe it was George Washington, diplomatic genius and military hero, who first put forth the idea of a nation, strong in all the ways that the U.S. today is strong, isolating itself wholly from political dealings with other nations.

Now, this wouldn't work too spectacularly as-is; we need trade laws, we need immigraton and emigration laws, and all that sort of thing. But, what if, just what if, we told the collective global community to, as it were, shove it?

All of the problems in the "international community" are caused by our instinctive reaction to problems abroad, which consists of "Throw money at it. If it doesn't go away, shoot it. If that doesn't work, drop an A-bomb." All of our foreign and domestic policies are affected in some capacity by our eagerness to please the world as a whole, to make China, Russia, the EU, Australia, and every tin-pot dictator with a little mustache and a funny hat as happy as they can possibly be; the result, of course, is trouble.

So... why not just say the hell with it? Isolate ourselves from treaties, global organizations, political affiliations... reduce it to a bare-bones structure of trading and immigration laws, and bloody well sit here and mind our own business. We'll save trillions, we'll stop making new enemies every day, and it won't be our damn job to go kill the morons who think that their gods are bigger than ours.

And, for you NWO-groupies out there (this is a conspiracy site, and, Goddamnit, I'm here for the conspiracies), it would stave off NWO efforts at establishing a one-world government perhaps more effectively than any number of telescreens and Ministries of Love.

Democrats: No more war! Focus on our problems at home: rebuild the economy, put some time into equalizing the rights of all Americans, and, then, oh, whatever it is you do.

Republicans: No more getting bashed for having to start wars! Plenty of time to focus on state's rights, as the government won't be so damned bothered with matters overseas. Commerce could skyrocket if international trade were shorn of such silly embargoes and trade-bans as we've seen applied to several nations.

Let's just leave everybody else alone, eh? We'll have diplomats, of course-- can't afford to lose ties to Great Britain, Canada, and Mexico, amongst others, but the rest of them can come in, say their peice, and get out.

Things ain't workin' properly, and I think it's time for some political duct-tape.

Additionally, I think it's time I laid off the alternative tobacco and stopped typing.

I hope all this made sense... Enjoy, and, more importantly, discuss.


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