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Our Lives, Our Fortunes And Our Sacred Honor

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posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 02:57 PM

By Betty Freauf
October 26, 2001

"For the support of this Declaration, with a firm reliance on the protection of Divine Providence, we mutually pledge to each other our Lives, our Fortunes and our Sacred Honor."

I'm sure many readers recognize those famous words for they've been bounced around in conservative patriotic circles for many years.

Fifty-six men signed that Declaration of Independence, knowing when they signed that they were risking everything. They were lawyers, merchants, farmers and large plantation owners - educated men of independent means and all were leaders in their respective colonies.

Do we have such mighty men of valor today? Who are our heroes?

Up until the 9-11 attack on the World Trade Center when the New York City firemen and police became unsung heroes, many people looked to the entertainment industry for their mentors in music, movies and sports heroes -- drug addicts, violent tempers, abortions, homosexuals, divorces, remarriages.

In 1989 the T.V. show INSIDE EDITION honored Liz Taylor on her 57th birthday. She had seven husbands, affairs, drug and alcohol addictions. Then there was O.J. Simpson and we must never forget Elvis. Many hard rock music lovers grieved when Jerry Garcia of The Grateful Dead met his demise from a drug overdose.

Some even look to politicians such as astronaut and Ohio's U.S. Senator John Glenn. Ollie North became a hero to many conservatives after the Iran Contra scandal and remains so today.

An article in a July 1, 1990 newspaper said our nation's heroes today come from abroad. They named Mandela and Gorbachev.

But what about our Founding Fathers? Well, their names are being emasculated from the history books by the revisionists. A recent story in the Washington Times published 1/28/2002 said George Washington, Thomas Jefferson and Benjamin Franklin are not included in the revised version of the New Jersey Department of Education history standards - a move some critics view as political correctness as its worst.

The article goes on to state that the Pilgrims and the Mayflower also are excluded among other things. Our European ancestry must be destroyed.

Should we be surprised? For those who have been watching the political correct trends, this recent revision should have been expected.

Bill O'Reilly said on Fox News that New Jersey backed off after he reported this story but how many of you really believe these state standards will disappear? Perhaps they will be shelved until the heat is off but soon they'll bring them out, dust them off and they will be slipped into the curriculum for a captive audience of innocent children who will never be the wiser because this is all planned. Look how they've been brainwashed to worship Martin Luther King.

In 1985 my state legislature exalted Martin Luther King with his own birthday holiday in January while the birthdays of Washington and Lincoln were combined into "Presidents' Day." In an article I predicted the goal was to eventually forget the existence of these two presidents.

While our bills are suppose to address only one subject, in the same 1985 legislature a bill was passed removing 31 words from previous statutes which said: NO TEXTBOOKS SHALL BE USED IN THE SCHOOLS WHICH SPEAKS SLIGHTINGLY OF THE FOUNDERS OF THE REPUBLIC OR OF THOSE WHO PRESERVE THE UNION OR WHICH BELITTLES OR UNDERVALUES THEIR WORK. I suspect those words were law in other states as well and were eventually removed.

Those 31 words were secretly sandwiched between other sentences that pertained to the subject of the bill regarding guns.

Chaos is the name of the game so lots of bills are introduced and legislators do not read the bills. The bill passed. And guess who requested the bill? The American Civil Liberties Union. Even if our legislators do not read the bills, certainly a red flag should have been raised over the anti-American group that requested it.

In 1987 a bill was passed to correct internal and gender references in our state statutes. I thought it would be a monumental task to change all the laws with "men" or "man" in them to "person" until I heard about a software program identifying "sexist" words and instructing the operator on how to purge all "sexist "words and substitute different words.

These attacks on our Founding Fathers have been subtle and gradual. They gave us a Republic, not a democracy. They wanted us to be self-governing. They warned about how absolute power could corrupt. The Founding Fathers were wise men. They clearly understood that only an educated citizenry in old-time, traditional morality and virtue could keep us free of the chains of tyranny. They recognized that men "are endowed by their creator with certain unalienable rights" and that "governments are instituted" to secure those rights.

And because they recognized a Supreme Being was in charge of the universe, today the bibles are also being changed to rid us of the basic tenets of Christianity. The bibles are being revised in the same manner as the school history books to accommodate the politically correct agenda.

In 1948, the World Council of Churches came on the scene with a frontal assault to unify the churches but people back then were well grounded in the bible doctrine and prophetic truth to recognize the church of the antichrist when they saw it. But one generation later, most of the children of those steadfast Christians have simply become another bible prophecy being fulfilled.

"Give us one generation of small children to train to manhood and womanhood and we will set up the Bolshevist form of the Soviet Government" was the 1919 Communist party slogan.

Once our heroes of yesteryear, our Founding Fathers have been defamed and forgotten should we be surprised that the one-world thinking Rhodes Scholars, socialists, communists, various globalists, totalitarians, "progressives" and communitarians are now holding down the seats on every government level in our once precious republic?

We are being returned to slavery. President Bush in his State of the Union message said he wants 2000 hours or two years from each of us as volunteers. Unless the draft is reinstated in the interest of national security, what President Bush is asking is unconstitutional involuntary servitude. The new educational agenda requires students to volunteer in order to graduate.

The oldies and those unable to serve may be asked to sacrifice their lives too through euthanasia or some other means of extermination because "useless eaters" need not apply. Sustainable development is found in the 1977 U.S.S.R. Constitution and it embodies the Leninist/Marxist concept of "production/consumption" which means you don't eat unless you can produce.

Welcome to the New World Order. I often wondered how the Nazis took over Germany so easily. Now I know. The German people did not remain vigilant and neither have Americans. We became steeped in materialism and the good life which we thought would go on forever.

When a pastor in Germany was asked what they did, he commented when they heard the railroad cars coming past their church heading for the concentration camps, they just sang a little louder.

Only true repentance, not singing a little louder nor "getting back to normal" as President Bush suggested after 9-11, is going to get us out of this mess. It's that "normal" that has gotten us to the brink of destruction.

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 02:58 PM
I came across this while looking for the Founding Fathers quote. So are we just going to continue to "sing a little louder"?

[edit on 13-9-2009 by WWJFKD]

posted on Sep, 13 2009 @ 05:20 PM
reply to post by WWJFKD

Good read, I couldn't agree more. The new world order works
through such organizations as the UN, UNESCO and the National
Educational Association in their efforts to rid our country of
such horrible things as "nationalism" and "deism". Belief in God
or country makes one a poor world citizen dont you know.

We need to throw out the UN, cut our ties with it as well as
dumping much of the B.F.Skinnerist educational thought regime
they push on our children. While they seemingly have lofty goals
such as providing educational opportunities for all what they really
want is a universal system to program minds with.

Dont forget that these agendas are part and parcel of the World
Bank and International Monetary Fund, loans from them conditional
upon instituting these thought regimes. Politcal correctness and a
gender neutral world are their goals so that all men REMAIN equal.
Except of course for those on the top who control everything that
goes on below them. The would-be Stalins of the world are working
very hard to destroy our heritage and steal our freedoms.

Democracy is Socialism. Today's America is in great danger of
becoming a permanently communistic state where freedom
is whatevers left over they haven't legislated out of existence.

They want us to shut up and not think for ourselves. Don't speak your
mind or someone might get offended. Now the first amendment is
nearly useless they will go after the 2nd - THEY WANT OUR GUNS.

This is the last line of defense, not only for America but the world,
where a free people can determine their own destiny and have the
tools to insure that liberty still lives. The hour is late and all true
patriots must decide whether or not freedom for ourselves and for
posterity is worth all the sacrifices made by our ancestors.

Stand now in honor of their memory and insure the true dignity of
freedom is alive for our children and grandchildren. God bless the
willing of this generation who will sacrifice whatever is necessary
to keep our Republic free.


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