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Any Thing Is Possible..But How Probable.

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posted on May, 14 2004 @ 06:50 PM
ATS1: So as you can see from links I have posted and my previous explanation this is what current theory believes is the case.

ATS2:OH YEAH well anythin possbl,u dow now nothin,u can now prov nothin, prov how me rong,cant caws anythin possbl how u now.

Yes, OK, anything is in fact POSSIBLE, that however does not make it LIKELY or PROBABLE that your pet theory is in fact true. At some point logic should come into play. In flights of fancy or "what ifs" or "how about this" anything is possible and it's wonderful to let your imagination run wild. On the other hand if you are trying to put your idea out as a valid explanation for something then I'm sorry but just because it makes sense to you is not enough of a reason for me to accept what you are saying at face value.

One thing that seems to be forgotten is that a theory is just that, a theory. It's still being worked on, it's still being refined. A theory may turn out to be wrong, it may need to changed, but that is the whole point, to put forth the idea and see if it stands up to testing.

Now this is where it gets hard for some people to grasp. When you talk about theoretical possibilities some truely amazing things are possible. You could walk in front of a truck blasting down the freeway and pass right through it, you could jump off a building and land with out a scratch, all of the air molecules in your room could suddenly shift to one corner, you could get a clue about the scientific method.

When the possibility of something happening starts approaching infinity the probabiltiy or likelyhood of it happening IN THE REAL WORLD IS ZERO. If you want to provide some kind of data to back up your theory, great, I'll look at it and see how it stands up to inspection, all I ask is that you at least look at the data I provide. When your only responce is " I won't accept anything unless I see it myself" or " Any thing is possible so you can't prove me wrong" do not be surprised when you don't get "OMG, your right, how could we have been so blind!"

I have beliefs that I can not "Prove" , but I also have some that I feel I have data to back up what I am saying. This is the whole point for my coming to ATS, when I run accross something that challenges my beliefs and provides data for me to check out, I will and maybe change my view on the subject. Many of my beliefs have been challanged by what I have found here. On somethings I have been reinforced in my beliefs, on others I now have questions I did not before, buts it's because of information that I can check, not because it's POSSIBLE but because it's PROBABLE.

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