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How To Rule The World? Confusion!

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 05:03 PM
To my fellow fence sitters, to my fellow know it all's and to everyone else:

The one thing I love about all of you and the myriad of threads on ATS is that there is just so much about EVERYTHING! Even the most ridiculous things have threads dedicated to them.

Some people have immense research to backup their ideas and claims while others have the same and equal amount of research to debunk such claims. The beauty in all of this is we can make our minds up and take a side depending on what sits best with us and our thinking process, individually.

However, I have noticed a lot of ATS'ers unsure and just simply frustrated from not knowing for sure. Speculation is a wonderful tool for enlightenment but as the logical objective viewers here on ATS and in the world try to view both sides of any debate things can get confusing and many can turn into fence sitters, forever unsure on certain things. Objectively viewing both sides of any argument today is usually met with a mass of opinions and information supporting those opinions on both sides. Ultimately there is more information out there than is beneficial. If you really are looking for the answers to something just get on Google. Scour through the websites and pages of information and opinions. Naturally you would be thinking well I can just put opinion aside and view the facts right?

Wrong. Opinion in some way or form will always twist fact, always. Perspective, tradition and intelligence will always taint a persons description and definition of even their own opinion at times, but will always, if even subtle, change and twist necessary facts of any argument, if even from the original source I have noticed.

I have been studying many topics from aliens to the NWO for years upon years and as time passes more opinions and information comes out and is available for review. The more I read, the more I think and the more I think I know, the more I realize how much I don't know and the more I rebuke myself and opinions for putting stakes into the ground on most subjects, even those with masses of information collected from research.

What I am trying to get at here is that even though you think you know what is really going on, you probably don't, regardless of the data and opinion you have to backup your claim and opinion. Now keep in mind I am talking theoretically here in regards to subjects such as what is mainly seen on ATS. My purpose in saying this is not to get a rise out of anyone so please keep the "so im wrong in saying my truck is blue" at bay, but to push the point of how confusion is used to effectively control the entire population. While we sit back with our manipulated opinion, comfortable with what we think is happening, we know nothing of what is really happening except maybe small minute shards of truth. While we think we know from whatever source we used for our opinions, we don't realize that some, if not most of those sources were methods of controlling us to create those opinions in us in the first place. Ultimately, most of the opinions we think are ours have been formed through elaborate manipulation methods from disinformation, media, controlled politics and such. Crazy sounding to think your opinions aren't your own huh?

If the NWO exists, which I think they do to a certain level, the best tool they have at their disposal is confusion. While we are confused over different conspiracies they make plans. While we are confused and argue politics, plans are put into action and while we are confused on the veiled actions afterward, debating our beliefs and opinions from the incorrect, manipulated information we were given previously, the action is covered up, once again leaving us confused or thinking we know according to what is told to us even though it is what they lead us to believe through so much information and lack of truth thereof.

I have said this before in another thread but I will mention it again. My uncle is one guard out of maybe one hundred in the middle east that guards prisons. The prison he is a guard of has anywhere from 5000 to more people as prisoners. I asked him recently after he returned, "how is it they don't overthrow the place with your little manpower. It would be easy to take over since their numbers are much more than yours wouldn't it?" He then explained to me the best way for a small group of people to rule a much larger group of people is through the power of confusion. The prisoners could not rally, could not properly communicate with each other and could not effectively make plans against the guards to free themselves because no one could unite. Sound familiar? 7

Why hasn't a revolution started amongst the people in the US or on the planet to take back their freedoms? Why haven't we properly taken action to free ourselves from TPTB? Why, because we cannot unite, because we cannot put opinion aside and mainly because we cannot understand that TPTB have molded our lives and opinions for us through confusion, manipulation and strategically planned mind control. And the hardest part is admitting such. We are too confused to unite. Some believe this and some believe that, some are conservative and some liberal, some trust our government and others not so. Alas, confusion is the greatest tool for controlling people, even populations and TPTB, NWO and government all know this...

In closing I will ask for you to all look around at it. Keep open minds and if necessary sit on the fence. Look around at the chaos, competition, information and opinions. It speaks volumes in my mind and until mankind can unite with understanding of such, we will remain under control at least until everyone can agree and start ignoring the fountains of disinformation being spewed into society.

Now for some information:

From "Mind Control Language Patterns" by Dantalion Jones.

Lead Others Through Confusion: Confusion Patterns
Confusion is a very uncomfortable feeling, which people will do almost anything to avoid, even if it means accepting the next thing you tell them as the truth. This tendency makes confusion a very useful tool of influence. In other words, create confusion and offer the solution.

The simplest way to induce confusion is the non-sequitur.
People operate within the boundaries of certain sequences or patterns. If right now your computer transformed into a singing turnip, you will likely be at a complete loss about what to do. You would quickly retreat into a deep hypnotic trance, while your mind tries in vain to make sense of the situation.

The same is true of the non-sequitur. By saying something meaningless and totally unexpected, while stating it with the air of something meaningful and important, people will retreat into a momentary trance to try and understand what you said. This confusion gives you time to quickly slip in a command, and be delighted as you see it followed through.

When stating a non-sequitur, it's important that it appears you are doing nothing unusual. They will assume there is meaning in what you say and will search inside, in order to figure it out.

Here is an example in sales:
Customer: "You know, I don't think this computer is for me."
You: "Fortunately, clouds don't fall from cars."
Customer: (blank expression while he or she processes your statement)
You: "Funny how easy it is to change your mind, isn't it? I used to think I didn't like soccer, but then found that I loved it. You may soon realize that the same is true of this computer."

Here are some other non-sequiturs:
"The wall outside my house isn't four feet tall."
"The clock I don't have doesn't say it isn't seven-thirty."
"This list of night is running back isn't it?"

My personal favorite, which induces an instant state of confusion is,
"Consider what you are not thinking right now."

The important point is that, as soon as the other person enters a state of confusion (i.e trance), you must be prepared

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posted on Sep, 9 2009 @ 05:04 PM

to instantly offer something that they can hold on to, like how good your product is or how good they feel.


As there is so much information and confusion from pretty much everything these days, people tend to grab something to believe whether it be what the MSM offers or what they choose as their political views instead of remaining confused. But the sides and opinions they choose are also planted by MSM, political parties and TPTB.
I also think this confusion / trance state as described above has a lot to do with subliminals and advertising tactics. Look and you will start to see it everywhere from commercials to billboards.

By causing emotional stress and mental confusion, judgment is impaired and suggestibility increased. Under these conditions, people allow their rights to be diminished for the promise of security.


And we all should know by now the power of suggestion is extremely useful and effective.

So that's it, confusion. That's the way I really think were controlled the most and that is why we cannot unite to take back our freedoms, but we are getting closer...

Time will tell.

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posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 02:45 PM
Good stuff, N3kro.

So, given the level of confusion that exists today, even among those of us that may feel we are more enlightened than others...and to a certain extent, may be. What is the recommendation that comes along with this revelation, my friend?

Is it unplugging? Some sort mental defense? I understand that the more we are aware of things and the tools used, the easier it will be for us to recognize and avoid the influence....but what's to be of our brothers and sisters?

I know you see where this is going. What good will come from a very small percentage being able to avoid manipulation when the remaining hordes have been programmed to seek and destroy?

Is it education by piecemeal my friend?

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 03:48 PM
reply to post by KSPigpen

Thank you for the response KS. However, my recommendation is still a work in progress. I am unsure on how to end such, other than enlightening others of its power. Eventually more will enlighten more or I hope.

As for our brothers and sisters, I think the best thing we can share with them is the methods we are confused and controlled by, but even then we will be contributing to their confusion right? As we realize enlightenment is necessary for freedom on certain levels I think we also realize how hard it is to come by, assuming it is real enlightenment and not a decoy and impostor.

Suffice it to say I don't have a recommended solution yet, but I'm working on one.

Maybe the best way is to follow basic principles only...

posted on Sep, 21 2009 @ 05:48 PM
Their Pinky and
the brain. trying to take over the world... but what happend to pinky and the brain... now that Obama Biden are running the store..?
is bush and chain gang running it from the shadows... what do you say to that...? cuz, O&B are no world rulers now are they... both are like stand in's actors really strange... vibes when I think of then and now... and what happend to the power?>

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