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Anyone good at dream analysis?

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posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 02:10 PM
I had a dream that played out almost like a science fiction movie last night! Probably just my overactive imagination but dream interpretation has always intrigued me.

I remember I was on a large ship in the sky that was under attack by "things" I had never seen before. There were two "races" that were basically fighting one another on our human ship.

We had to crash land and the higher ups wouldn't let some of us leave a makeship camp we had all set up. There was a feeling in this dream that it was dangerous to be on Earth itself, as if something terrible had happened and being out alone was a death sentence. But myself and another person I don't know got restless and decided we wanted to go out and search for supplies and what not.

Our superiors did not like that and began shooting at as and we just continued running until we hit a body of water and swam across it. There was a large embankment and we began to climb up it.

As we climbed up you could see the siderails of a road up top, which meant we were coming up to a road of course. I was watching the other person climb up as people dressed in what looked like pilot outfit began falling from the sky near us, almost knocking us back into the water. I looked up and saw that one of the sky craft and been blown up.

After the person I was with had reached the top I began climbing at what I saw when I reached the top scared th hell out of me! It was a large city scape and it was ablaze. You could hear people screaming.

I looked up to the tallest building in the city and on top of it was this...."thing" that I can only describe as a demon in the traditional sense. It was amazing that the building was holding him up. He had large wings, fangs the whole shibang. But the thing that stood out the most was his horns. The wrapped around a ton of screaming people trapped in them, forming a cage. Then smaller, yet still very large, demons that looked the same but slightly different flew onto the building around him and then spotted us and began flying at us. That is when I woke up.

I'm not big on the whole end of the world scenario and I'm not religious. Demon is the only word that I thought could really describe them accurately. If it doesn't mean anything at least it was an interesting dream and an interesting story haha. I don't expect it to mean anything but it is always fun to get other peoples thoughts.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 03:28 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

Anyone good at dream analysis ?

In truth , you are the most qualified to interpret your dreams .

All the meaning and significance ascribed to them should stem from you.

What we find significant or meaningful varies from person to person , we all have different experiences and as such interpret them differently.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 03:54 PM
link is an excellent resource for dream interpretation. I use it every morning to help me decipher what my sub-conscious is trying to tell me.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 03:55 PM
reply to post by angrymomma

The way the dream made you feel is the most important part, because that tells you which parts of the dream you felt most emotionally attached to, indicating something about yourself.

The general imagery seems pretty foreboding. I get the sense that you personally were unattached enough through it all to almost get a sense of wonder and excitement out of the whole ordeal, as if you were observing all the destruction separately and not involved with it. Yet you were involved with it enough to see it happen. However I may be completely off in this simply because it is how I personally resonated with the way you described your dream.

I agree that you CAN be your own best interpreter -- as long as you aren't intentionally avoiding any sore spots in your own psyche that need to be addressed. That is the one except that individuals can be blind to, without someone else forcing them to see the obvious, because your mind may instantly try to divert itself away from painful thoughts to other thoughts.

Carl Jung was a master dream interpreter, moreso than Freud imo because Freud focused on sexuality and more primal drives whereas Jung was much more holistic. "Man and His Symbols" is an excellent stand-alone book for dream interpretation.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:25 PM
Thank you very much for your replies! For the way it made me feel, that's hard to describe. Normally when I have a nightmare (which even with all the "scariness" in this dream did not really frighten me) I wake up with my adrenaline surging and my heart pumping. The only things that really frightened me were the screams coming from the people in the burning city, the people falling from the sky, and the thing's horns. But it wasn't "I'm on the verge of having a heart attack" scary. Well, I guess a better word would be terror. I was not terrified but..shocked I guess.

It's very hard to interpret my own dreams because I remember my dreams almost every night and they all play out like this one. I don't mean the same scenario I mean they play out almost like a movie. I very rarely have dreams that have to do with my everyday life but with fantastical events. Like, I once had a dream I was hiding in an air duct from the military that were raiding homes and one of my friends was in the militia and he found me and turned me in. I think things like that are fantastical. I have a very large imagination. I love to write and I feel that my dreams are just my creative outlet. I even daydream fantastical events. Very rarely do you find me thinking of anything serious through out the day haha

But, thank you for your responses. I just had to get it out there and see what people may think about a dream like that!

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:27 PM
Probably best you learn to analyze your own dreams. I can start you out pretty easily.

1. There are usually two types of dreams, one is informative, the other is premonition. Don't get confused by premonition, it's not magical stuff, it's your subconscious compiling information about an event which you are heading towards and using they dream-state as an attempt to ready you for it. Not aliens and demons, but possibly something in your personal life which will require the use of whatever character traits were required to survive the dream-encounter. The informative dream is a way your subconscious can show your conscious mind something that you aren't seeing. These dreams are usually the ones you forget on waking, but memories are triggered through interaction in your daily life. Define which of these your dream is and go from there.
2. Identify the elements. In every dream there are elements which will stand out to you as important that, in normal circumstances would not be. As you described your dream, you focused on the fact that you couldn't see how the structure could sustain the weight of the 'demon'. There's one clue. Your superiors demanding that you not leave the camp and your direct violation of that order. Insubordination on your part. Is that usually in your character? Why did you do it? You said for foraging, but weren't their supplies there? There is another person with you as you left the camp. What became of him? Any details about him?
3. Identify the most outrageous elements. The things that stood out the most to you. The things that drew your attention. The cage of the beast's horns, the destruction of the ship at the top of the road. The fact that you know you were coming upon a road.
4. Identify the basics. This is last because you've already gone through your dream several times and should have it locked into memory by now. What were the primary colors that drew your attention? Primary emotions? Words or phrases?
5. Break down the symbolism. In your dream I count MANY things that could be interpreted as symbolic. The road, being shot at, the building, the demon, the cage, fires, your friend, etc... Roads usually equate to a path. Observe the condition of the road and see if there is a way to correlate it to something in your own life. Begin to add the elements you've narrowed down. Demons usually mean stress. Cages that YOU ARE NOT IN, normally signifies a separation of yourself and others. See where this is going?

Find a way to connect the major elements of your dreams to your life in some way. This will either be a warning from your subconscious that you're heading somewhere frightening, or an attempt by your subconscious to bring your attention to a situation that must be dealt with in your current life.

Of course, there's always the chance that this was an all-out prophecy. I don't normally go that route when analyzing dreams, but I've seen a dream-prophecy fulfilled with my own eyes. Nothing major, like this, but it's a possibility that can't be overlooked.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 04:53 PM
reply to post by Arrowmancer

I'm not usually insubordinate, quite the opposite. I do what I am told, I keep my head down. Maybe it is telling me I need to let go of that every once in a while. I often times get talked into things I don't want to do just so I don't upset anyone.

I can't really recall why we left the camp. I just remember the wanting to go out and find things but I was not allowed to.

I know the person I was with was a woman and had long blonde hair. I don't remember her face. I think I called her baby at one point, warning her to look out for the people falling from the sky.

I don't remember the road but the railing and associating it with a road.

The main colors I remember most were the woman's blonde hair, the brown color of the flesh of the demon, and the orange of the fire and one of the jumpsuits the people falling from the sky were wearing.

Like I said before, the things that stuck out the most were the things horns, the people falling from the sky, and the screaming of the people in the city.

I looked up the color orange for a dream interpretation and got:

Message from a great Master. Metaphysical or spiritual knowledge.

Weird haha.

And for brown I got:

Brown is not the most cheerful color in the spectrum. It is a very serious color which is associated with the earth, dirt, or soil. Autumn is generally brown and it represents a season of dormancy and conservatism. The brown in your dream may be symbolic of physical reality and earthiness. It may represent things in their "barest" form, and its interpretation may encourage you to add some light and depth into your daily life.


To see a blond person in your dream, suggests that you need to enjoy life and live it up. Be a little glamorous.

I also read that to hear a person screaming means someone you may know needs help. But what if it is a multitude of people?

I love dream interpretation so much. I just never know where or how to get started. I usually just chalk it up to an overactive imagination.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 05:12 PM
LOL! DOn't take those dream interpretation sites too seriously. Many get overencumbered with the metaphysical end. We don't understand dreams as well as we would like, but we do know that they are a link between the conscious and subconscious, whatever that link is for.

The color orange in a dream depends entirely on you. For me, orange would represent danger or warning.

The color brown in and of itself is probably not important, but the link between that color and the demon would be. Brown is usually interpreted as 'natural' or 'representative of natural elements'. But, again, it would be different for everyone to some degree. It's going to mean something totally different from you to me.

An example of this would be the color scarlet. TO most people it would probably signify moratility, life, or damage. To a Marine, it would signify pride, sacrifice and loyalty (Due to the fact that the USMC flag is scarlet and gold, along with the scarlet stripe on NCO and Officer's trousers being to immortalize those who have fallen in the course of duty. The color scarlet has huge symbolic meaning in the life and daily rituals of a Marine.)

So let's give you an exercise that will help.

Divide your dream into three sections as you see fit. While they will all be linked, these will be the three most important situational elements of the dream. The timeline of the dream is inconsequential. The events could happen moments from each other or be spaced out evenly. To YOU, what are the three most significant events in the dream. Write out the first and identify the emotions and thoughts (if any) involved. identify colors, shapes, or anything else that jumps immediately to mind and the thoughts and feelings those things invoked. Then, in one sentence, summarize that section of the dream and move on to the next. I'll be F5ing.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 05:30 PM
One of the most interesting things I took away from Jungian psychology is that symbols in your dreams have the exact same subconscious interpretation when you are awake. In other words there is no real difference between your conscious/subconscious interpretation of events whether you are awake or asleep; it all means what it does all of the time. So subliminal messages can be interpreted the same way, or anything that influences your thoughts and feelings!

It takes a good deal of maturity to have an active and healthy imagination, and to also remain unattached and calm when situations are stressful. You say your dreams play out like movies; so does your entire life when you are aware that you are spirit having a physical experience.

Your dreams may not be much more than that, although I'm sure that the little odd traits and ticks that make us all individuals pop through in your dreams and do "tell you things" about yourself, it may or may not be anything interesting, or anything that an ancient spiritual text like the Tao te Ching or Bhagavad Gita would also tell you directly. We are all made of the same stuff after all.

I enjoy having dreams that play out like movies. Especially good movies. With or without a message to send.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 05:42 PM
The Demon:
1. Feelings: Awe, amazement, fear but not terror.
2. Colors: The brown of his skin, the black of his horns.
3. General observations: His massive size. Asking "how could the building be holding him?" His horn wrapping around the people screaming. And the actually screaming of the people.

The massive demon crouched on the building while people screamed in his horns.

The People Falling from the Sky:
1. Feelings: I can only sum it up as "I hope they don't hit us and knock us back into the water."
2. Colors: Only one person falling really stood out to me. His suit was orange and white. Almost like a rebel fighter from Star Wars.
3. General observations: Watching where they landed.

As people fell from the sky, we desperately tried to avoid them.

The Camp:
1. Feelings: Trapped, needing to get out. Needing to run.
2. Colors: The color of barren land, yellow grass. Blonde.
3. General observations: Camp fires. The blonde woman and never seeing her face. Many people.

We did not like being held at the camp, so we ran.

Wow...that was a lot harder than I thought it would be haha. I hope that makes any type of sense to you.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 06:28 PM
This is usually much easier face-to-face, lol! I have zero background knowledge of you or the way you interact with society. You've stated that you are semi-submissive in social situations. We'll go with that. And MY impressions. Don't see this as judgement of your dream, but as an objective opinion. If it feels like I hit the mark, I probably did. If it feels as if I didn't, I'm probably wrong and we can go into that point further.

The Demon:
The massive demon crouched on the building while people screamed in his horns.

This would seem to be a representation of danger for a group of people which would exclude yourself and a few others. The city is stable, the people in the horns, having gone about their business, were subjected to the danger. City>People>Danger

The fact that you were involved in something non-mundane at the time suggests that you will not be susceptible to whatever danger is approaching. They are caged, trapped by this danger while you are not. Their screams and pleas for help compel you as if you might be able to save them. You feel fear, not terror, implying that this danger is not directed at you, specifically. Their screams are of terror and the danger was directed at them. The incredulous feeling of the weight of the danger vs. the supporting structure implies an idea beyond your comprehension. The relationships I see here are that those in jeopardy, the city, the danger and the structure or system supporting that danger are all relevant.

The People Falling from the Sky:
As people fell from the sky, we desperately tried to avoid them.

Of the three dangers involved in the dream, only one was directed at you specifically. This was an indirect hazard. The impact of these people involved chance and the random element. That you did not want to be knocked back into the water implies that if the random hazard and your path were to cross, you would be forced into a position you didn't want. I think the color orange is a symbol for caution. You saw where they landed, but could not directly effect the points of impact. Corroborating the random hazard idea.

The Camp:
The camp is a place of confinement. Though you are a minority, you are not alone. You went against the wishes of others and broke your usual submission. The blonde with you is faceless. This is usually a sign of either your own personality, or a representation of a person that has a quality you desire but cannot manifest. She gave you strength, motivation, etc... The fact that they fired on you wasn't enough of a concern to write about, here, so we'll drop that.

My summary so far:

You are trapped and unaware of the details of your situation. You manifest a character (or the embodiment of a characteristic) to assist you in the escape. In the process of 'searching' for answers or whatever you were looking for, you come upon a road that you had not traveled which led to a magnificent danger that many complacent people fell victim to. The people in the fringes, not directly involved with the beast or situation similar to yours were on threatening courses which would have altered your own.

Both ends of the dream signal a trap. You leave one trap to end up confronting another. The random element could spin you in either direction or in a totally new one. EACH element of the dream is important in it's own way. It's up to YOU to figure out how. Once you get the core meaning of the dream, you can then extrapolate the details.

A word of advice. Faceless people in your dream are normally one of the most significant aspects OF the dream. After you establish the primary purpose, you need to focus on her.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 06:54 PM
I'm going to come back to the camp/escape aspect of my dream. The way I try to wrap my head around it is the camp may represent and current or impending situation I may be in and I feel or will feel the need to escapte. Could the faceless woman represent the catalyst needed in order to overcome my submissive attitude?

When climbing the embankment the people start falling from the sky and all I can do is hope they don't hit us on their way down. Throw orange in there, after saying you think it could be cautionary, and it looks like I am being cautioned of things that may prevent me reaching the road/path I need to be on. As I kept warning the blonde woman to look out it seems I don't want the catalyst to be altered and drop me back into the situation I was in previously (the water) and send me two steps back. I don't want to lose my determination, to make it make more sense haha.

The demon I am not so sure on just yet haha.

Thank you very much, Arrow, for making me think critically with this, something I was not doing going into it.

posted on Sep, 7 2009 @ 07:43 PM
As stated before, the best analyst for a person's dreams... is the dreamer. The imagery and symbolism in the dream can only truly be understood by you. I have a dream that I am struggling with at the moment, but no matter which way I try to look at it, i get nowhere. Best I can offer you is to push you in the right direction and hope you can find a way to interpret your own dreams. Interpretation is subject to the view of the interpreter.

But, I can offer advice. Recurring dreams are the most significant. If this one occurs again, let it play out and try to memorize things. In many cases when the dream occurs, there will be subtle differences and these are a good clue to what either the original or secondary dream is about.

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